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Unicom online Changsha won the honor of "Top 30 Internet Enterprises in Hunan Province".

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Recently, Hunan Internet Association successfully held a press conference on "Top 50 Internet Enterprises in Hunan Province" in Xiangjiang New area. Unicom online Changsha Co., Ltd. (Unicom Wayue Reading Technology and Culture Co., Ltd.) stands out from more than 13000 Internet enterprises in the province and has won the honor of "Top 30 Comprehensive strength of Internet Enterprises in Hunan Province" for five consecutive years.

Since 2019, Hunan Internet Association has comprehensively considered the dimensions of enterprise scale, profitability, innovation, growth and influence every year for the whole province, and selected the top 30 Internet enterprises, the top 10 Internet growth enterprises and the top 10 Internet innovative enterprises to form the list of "Top 50 Internet Enterprises in Hunan Province". It has become an authoritative and brand heavyweight award competed by many Internet enterprises in the province. Unicom online Changsha has won this honor for five years in a row, which fully reflects the company's characteristics of continuous breakthrough, continuous innovation, diversity and inclusiveness as an Internet enterprise, and demonstrates the company's influence in the field of digital culture.

In recent years, Unicom online Changsha has continuously promoted 5G cloud reading, digital culture, content intelligence and other fields, continuously improving the level of independent research and development and the ability of scientific and technological innovation. It has obtained 12 patents, 38 soft works and 1865 works registration. Based on 5G integrated reading platform, it uses 5G, AI, XR, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, HD live broadcast and other information technology to enable product innovation. As a deputy group leader, he participated in the formulation of the national standard of "audiobooks" and obtained the certification of "National High-tech Enterprise", "Hunan Provincial Enterprise Technology Center", "Hunan Special New 'Little Giant" Enterprise and so on.

In the future, Unicom online Changsha will respond positively to the government's call to take the list as a new starting point, give full play to its exemplary and leading role as a leading enterprise in the industry around the national strategy, industrial weaknesses and development goals, and continue to dig deep into the field of digital culture to create richer and diversified Internet products to provide a strong driving force for the development of the digital economy.

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