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Capcom announced that Apple's iPhone / iPad version of "biochemical Evil 4: remake" will go on sale on December 20, with the game selling for $59.99.

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Shulou( Report--, December 15 news, Capcom "CapcomAsia" today released Weibo, official announcement "biochemical Evil 4: remake" will be launched on the iPhone / iPad / Mac platform on December 20, requiring iPhone 15 Pro series mobile phones, iPad (equipped with M1 and subsequent chips) and Mac (equipped with M1 and subsequent chips).

Capcom said that the relevant version of "biochemical Evil 4: remake" will be launched as "Play Before You Buy", and players can decide whether to start after experiencing the early parts of the game, which sells for $59.99 in the US area and 7990 yen in the Japanese area. ( Note: currently about 401 yuan).

Unlike Capcom's previous release of "biochemical Evil 8: village", "biochemical Evil 4: remake" supports Apple's "general purchase", which can be played on iPhone / iPad / Mac in a single purchase.

Game picture reward:

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