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In addition to Glory Magic6 Porsche phones, sources say Glory and Porsche Design have more products.

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Shulou( Report--, December 15, the classic Porsche design phone is coming back.

On December 12, Zhao Ming, CEO of Glory Terminal Co., Ltd., posted a group of photos of a visit to a Porsche factory on Weibo, with the caption mysteriously writing: "reveal that the future is in sight!" It triggered a strong crowd and heated discussion among netizens.

Just two days later, on December 14, Honor officially announced its cooperation with Porsche designers. Subsequently, the release of a design manuscript suspected to be a Porsche version of Glory Magic6 further raised expectations for the "first" Porsche-designed phone.

According to revelations, the Glory Magic6 series will use a centered double-hole four-curved screen design, and in addition to the standard version and Pro version models are expected to use a circular camera Deco, the Magic6 Porsche version of Deco has also added the concept of "heaven and earth circle" to the round family design language, and the iconic "star wheel three shots" design has also been used.

From today's revelation of the real machine diagram, Glory Magic6 Porsche version can be said to be "Porsche mobile phone form", with a large number of Porsche "soul" design elements. For example, the classic "red and black" color matching on Porsche's body and interior is applied to the body color, combined with a plain leather-like material on its back to create a color design with the Porsche Design logo.

At present, the authenticity of the revelation map can not be confirmed, but it is certain that the Glory Magic6 series will have a "Porsche design version" and will make a series of innovations and breakthroughs in design.

After Huawei, Porsche design choice and glory join hands, which is not only an affirmation of Glory's strength and influence in the field of science and technology, but also the mutual attraction of brand values between the two sides. In addition to the Porsche version of Honor Magic6, it is reported that the cooperation between Glory and Porsche will be more in-depth, not limited to mobile phones, but also in other follow-up products such as tablets and headphones.

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