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2023 Annual meeting of China Game Industry: sustainable Development of Hongmeng full Link enabling Game Industry

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Shulou( Report--

From December 13 to December 15, the 2023 annual meeting of China's game industry with the theme of "inheriting culture and creating masterpieces" was held in Guangzhou, where relevant people from upstream and downstream of the game industry gathered to discuss the development trend of the game industry. On December 15, CEO of Huawei Interactive Media Corps and Wu Hao, President of Huawei Terminal Cloud Services Interactive Media BU, delivered a keynote speech on "gathering Game Partners to build Hongmeng Ecology together" at the main forum, which expounded the development of Hongmeng full-link enabling game industry from three aspects: operating system, game experience and industry empowerment. On the same day, 19 game partners, including NetEase, Middle-hand Games, Dream World, Yi World and Le Niu Games, attended the Hongmeng original game cooperation ceremony. It was also announced that 10 games, including "I am the big owner", "God Fire Continent" and "Giant Battlefield", had completed the development of Hongmeng original games, and nine games including "Xianjian World", "Douluo mainland: Shrek College" and "Dream Garden" had started the development of Hongmeng original games.

Wu Hao said that Huawei will work with game partners to carry out omni-directional and deep-seated Hongmeng ecological cooperation in the direction of technological innovation, industrial application and business win-win, continue to expand game technology boundaries, and bring multiple interactive experiences for players. bring sustained growth opportunities for partners, provide a better choice for the game industry, and help achieve industrial independent innovation, high-quality content production and sustainable and healthy development.

HarmonyOS operating system provides a self-developed, safe and reliable digital base for the game industry.

As an intelligent terminal operating system for the full scene era of the Internet of everything, since its official release in 2019, HarmonyOS has continuously upgraded its user experience around the five major scenarios of "smart travel", "smart home", "audio-visual entertainment", "sports health" and "smart office". This year, Huawei released HarmonyOS 4 with personality, super fun and new experiences. at the same time, HarmonyOS NEXT is ready to launch, and Hongmeng native applications are fully launched. Huawei has launched comprehensive cooperation with developers and partners in 18 fields, including games, social communications, travel navigation, business office, travel and accommodation. Hongmeng is committed to creating an independent and innovative mobile application ecology of "everything is served and everything can be shared".

Based on HarmonyOS NEXT's unique Hongmeng kernel, full-scene distributed experience, native intelligence, pure security and other capabilities, Hongmeng on the one hand helps to achieve a breakthrough in game self-research technology and high-quality development of game content, on the other hand, with smooth, intelligent and secure user experience, it is loved by more and more users and developers. Up to now, Hongmeng Ecology has more than 700 million devices, covering mobile phones, smart screens, cars and other terminal devices, and has attracted more than 2.2 million Hongmeng developers to join, becoming the fastest growing new generation of intelligent terminal operating system. The comprehensive launch of Hongmeng's native applications pushes the mobile application ecology into a historic leapfrog stage. Huawei Game Center will empower games through HarmonyOS technology to stimulate the common development and prosperity of the whole industry.

Hongmeng continues to explore the whole scene of software and hardware collaborative experience innovation, to achieve the integration of technology and content to create quality games.

Users need more and more games for more scenes, such as mobile phones, smart screens and cars. At the same time, they pay more attention to the player experience and the way they play the game. Hongmeng gives full play to the gene of the Internet of everything, realizes the efficient cooperation of multiple devices in the full scene, innovates the full scene game experience, and enriches the game play.

On the one hand, under the new Ark engine, Hongmeng improves game performance, improves game quality and brings players a more enjoyable game experience by improving rendering ability and reducing power consumption; on the other hand, by breaking the barriers between games and terminals, terminals and terminals, Hongmeng innovates distributed gameplay methods such as meta-service, virtualized hyperterminals and cross-terminal linkage, bringing more possibilities for game scenes. Take "Xingxiaole" as an example, through the meta-service application, players can receive key information such as energy recovery, new level opening and activity information reminders without opening the game; under HarmonyOS's unique distributed soft bus technology, players can compete in the game through the linkage between Hongmeng devices, greatly improving the interaction and interest of the game. In the new Hongmeng ecology, the integration of the technical advantages of software and hardware collaboration and high-quality content not only provides more possibilities for game innovation, but also meets the increasing needs of players for boutique game content and experience innovation.

Hongmeng insists on full-link enabling industry partners to promote the high-quality and sustainable development of the game industry.

With the development and growth of Hongmeng ecology and the participation of more game partners, Huawei Game Center has joined hands with the upstream and downstream of the information industry chain to deepen cooperation in game production, management and personnel training. work together to build an open, mutual aid, safe and reliable ecological environment, empower industrial partners, and promote the high-quality and sustainable development of the game industry. On the one hand, mainstream game engines, digital technology and other three-party plug-ins such as Cocos have released Hongmeng versions, announcing full support for Hongmeng ecological construction; on the other hand, the petal game developer service launched by Huawei Game Center provides tools and services to support HarmonyOS adaptation, full-link enabling Hongmeng native application development, enabling production and operation efficiency improvement throughout the life cycle, making game Hongmenization simpler and more efficient. At the same time, Huawei launched the 10-billion-dollar Hongfei plan, providing all-round incentive support such as technical support, ecological marketing and financial support, bringing new business opportunities and new traffic to game partners. Hongmeng game already has a certain industrialization ability, through the technological advantages of software and hardware coordination, laying a solid foundation for game innovation and industrial development.

In addition, with the development of Hongmeng ecology and the blowout demand for professionals, Huawei has carried out systematic Hongmeng talent training and cooperated with more than 300 universities across the country, such as Tsinghua University. Hongmeng has more than 150 industry-university cooperation projects to enhance the talent reserve, further promote the progress and breakthroughs of key technologies, and give full play to Hongmeng's greater value in the upgrading of the game industry.

More than 60 game partners joined Hongmeng ecological cooperation to inject primary power into the development of the game industry.

The 19 game partners participating in the original game cooperation ceremony of Hongmeng include NetEase, Middle-hand Games, Dream creation, Yishi World, Lok Niu Games, Dole Games, Zen Tour Technology, 3K Games, Vernon Animation, Junhai Games, Chuangku interaction, PLAY800, Guangzhou Sound Movement, Nine Palace Games, Simi Technology, Xinghui Games, Fire Feather Technologies, Xingjia Games and Zhuoyou Technologies.

Since the announcement of the Hongmeng ecological game pioneer plan at the Huawei developers' conference this year, a total of more than 60 game partners, including NetEase, Le element, Sanqi, Ali, Perfect World, Youka Network and so on, have joined Hongmeng Ecology's cooperation. More than 50 games, including "Beautiful Girl", "Happy Xiaole" and "three Kingdoms Kingdoms", have completed the development of Hongmeng's original applications. Hong Meng thousand sails rise, the game is just in time! With the continuous maturity and development of the HarmonyOS system, Huawei continues to give full play to its leading technological advantages and the value of Hongmeng ecological scene, promote more breakthroughs in key technologies such as self-developed game technology and mobile application technology, improve the ecological chain of the game industry, and empower innovation and integration in different fields such as "game +" public welfare, education and sports, so as to inject original vitality into the development of the game industry, and will join hands with more developers and partners. Jointly build and share a better Hongmeng world.

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