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NetEase 24 studio "forever robbed forever" mobile game line under the first test: the operation is greatly simplified, the third row becomes the fourth row.

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Shulou( Report--

According to news on December 15, the long-silent NetEase mobile game "forever robbed forever" held its first offline test game on Chunxi Road in Chengdu from December 15 to 17. had a simple experience of the game and interviewed the producers. (because the screen of the game is not allowed to flow in this trial, only gives a simple description of the trial. )

From the trial point of view, "Forever robbery" mobile game is not a simple transplant of the PC game, but it is the same in the game art materials, including novice tutorials, maps, characters, etc., the PC game veteran players should be very familiar with the screen.

In terms of the way the game is played, the goal of the game is to greatly simplify the operation and retain the core method of knife play. In order to arrange the complex operation buttons of the PC game on the mobile screen, the forever robber mobile game uses an interesting sliding screen operation:

Left free movement button, long-distance sliding is a sprint

Right attack key, short press for light attack, long press for heavy attack, attack key press and hold left slide for vibrating knife, upper slide for upper pick, right slide for dodge

Right flying cable button, short press can automatically hook near the enemy, long press to freely choose the position of the hook

For players who are not interested in "hand-rubbing the screen", the "forever robbing forever" mobile game also confirms that it will support handle operation in the follow-up.

In addition, the game supports automatic search for items, weapons, etc., and automatically replaced with higher-quality items, blood recovery armor using the same props, weapons can be switched to automatically repair another weapon.

The game also eliminates the endurance cost of dodging, which means that characters are more mobile than PC games and can distance themselves from enemies more quickly.

In terms of social concept, the mobile game "Forever robbery" has changed the PC game from a team of three to a team of four, and the producer also admits that it is mainly for the "gang up" of college students' dormitory. also found that the players in this trial version have more damage, so the tempo of a game is faster, thus adapting to the fragmentation time requirements of players on the mobile side.

In terms of game performance, this test uses the Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max model, which cannot adjust the picture quality and locks 60 frames. The test game experience is basically stable and there is no stutter. The producers say they have reduced the power consumption of mobile games to about 1/3 of PC games, and are still adapting to low-end machines.

The game is determined to be free, and the paid appearance will not affect the balance of the competition. Mobile games are not just the transplantation of PC games. Accounts are not interoperable with PC games, but there will be linkage benefits.

As for the online time of the game, the official mobile game "forever robbed forever" has not given a clear answer, and partners can look forward to the follow-up progress.

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