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Miha Tour "collapse: star Dome Railway" 1.6 version "the Crown of mediocrity and God" was launched on December 27, with 5-star limited characters given away free of charge.

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Thanks to netizen forty-nine farewell, soft media new friend 2203184, non-attack ink eyebrow, holding Ming Internet, dog, niencd97, soft media new friend 2077564, Xiao Zhan cut cut clues delivery! December 15 news,"Collapse: Star Dome Railway" held 1.6 version of "Mediocrity and God's Crown" forward-looking activities, announced that the new version will be launched on December 27, and announced the preview video.

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NBEZUNLPJEQY noted that after the transition from version 1.6 to version 2.1, players can receive "Truth Doctor (Patrol·Virtual Number)"*1 (limited to 5-star characters) in the email after completing the pioneering mission "Blue Star"-"A Moment of Peace in the Universe" to unlock the [Mail] function. with new version content:

New map: Black Tower Station·Confinement Module

Main Line: Continuation of Development

New characters: Nguyen Mui, Dr. Truth, Snowsuit

After the war: the old dimples of the star

New Activity: Favorite Collection

Combat Activity: Virtual Realm Taste Exploration

The New Abyss: Fictional Narratives

card pool

First half: Ruan Mei, Blade (Re-engraving), Snow Coat (4-star)

Second half: Dr. Truth, Kafka (reprint)

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