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Bilibili announces the launch of Game of Thrones on December 18

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According to news on December 15, bilibili announced today that Game of Thrones series will be launched one after another from December 18, and will be watched by big members for free.

Bilibili just launched the first season of Game of Thrones spin-off "the Family of Dragons" with 1080p picture quality last month, and the first episode is available for free. with an official introduction to Game of Thrones:

This is a medieval epic fantasy TV series based on the American writer George R R Martin's fantasy masterpiece Song of Ice and Fire.

The fictional world in the background of the story is divided into two continents: Westeros, the "sunset country" in the west, and a similar Eurasian continent in the east. The danger is getting closer to the discovery of ancient legendary long-extinct creatures at the continental border of Westeros.

In the first season of bilibili, the Lord of Winterfell and the head of the Eddard Stark family in the north welcomed the visit of his old friend and King Robert Baratheon. The king wanted Eddard Stark to serve as prime minister against the rebels who tried to seize the Iron Throne.

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