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China used the long March 5 Yao6 carrier rocket to launch the remote sensing satellite 41, and the mission was a complete success.

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Thanks net friend recommendation, soft media new friend hoeq5l, Harry12345, Zhang Zifeng my wife, soft media user 1218698, aviation Mr. clue delivery! December 15 news, today at 21:41, China in Wenchang Space Launch Site 101 launch pad using the Long March 5 remote six launch vehicle, successfully launched the remote sensing 41 satellite, the satellite successfully entered the scheduled orbit, the launch mission was a complete success.

According to introduction, the satellite is a high-orbit optical remote sensing satellite, mainly used in land census, crop yield estimation, environmental control, meteorological early warning forecast and comprehensive disaster prevention and mitigation, etc., which can provide information services for national economic construction. inquiries learned that this mission is the 502nd flight of the Long March series of launch vehicles. The launch was the 207th space launch in 2023, China's 61st, the 7th this month and the 1st Long March 5 launch vehicle.

According to public information, for the first time, this rocket adopts a newly developed fairing with a diameter of 5.2 meters and a height of 18.5 meters, which can accommodate a larger payload of size and further improve the mission adaptability of the rocket.

The application of "extended version" fairing makes the whole rocket height of Chang-5 rocket exceed that of all Long March series launch vehicles in active service, becoming the highest launch vehicle in active service in China.

Before that, the five missions carried out by the Long March 5 included three high-orbit launches and two deep-space launches. The latest launch of the Long March 5 rocket was the launch of the Chang 'e-5 lunar probe on November 24,2020, successfully launching the probe into Earth-Moon transfer orbit.

"Long March V" is a new generation of launch vehicle developed by China. It is a large cryogenic liquid strap-on launch vehicle. It adopts a two-and-a-half-stage configuration. It consists of core stage I, core stage II and four boosters tied around core stage I. Among them, the core stage is equipped with liquid hydrogen liquid oxygen engine and the booster is equipped with liquid oxygen kerosene engine. The rocket is 56.97 meters long, 5 meters in core diameter, 3.35 meters in booster diameter, 859.8 tons in takeoff mass, 1068 tons in takeoff thrust, 14 tons in geosynchronous transfer orbit, 8.25 tons in Earth-Moon transfer orbit and 5.2 tons in earth-fire transfer orbit.

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