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Larian Studio: "Baird's Gate 3" will not log on to Microsoft Xbox Game Pass now or in the future.

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Shulou( Report-- December 16 news, according to IGN local time reported Friday night, Larian studio founder Sven Vincke recently said in an interview,"Baldur's Gate 3" will not be part of the Xbox subscription service, and explained why.

Asked if Xbox was trying to pay studios to ship Baldur's Gate 3 on Game Pass, Sven Vincke said,"We said from the beginning that it's not going to be on Game Pass now or ever. "

Sven Vincke called it a "sensitive issue," noting that Laryan Studios 'business is to make games that "have a beginning, a middle and an end."

According to reports, Sven Vincke's "tough stance" against letting Baldur's Gate 3 land on Game Pass stands in stark contrast to Starry Sky, which has been available for play on the platform since its launch. Xbox previously said that Starry Sky set a record for Game Pass single-day signups.

The current attitude of major game manufacturers towards landing Game Pass is also controversial. While some independent developers "strongly support" it, publishers such as Take-Two say it will "destroy value." previously reported that the Xbox Series X / S version of Baldur's Gate 3 was officially released on December 8. In the recent TGA 2023 ceremony, the game won TGA 2023 Best Game of the Year, Best RPG Game, Best Multiplayer Game, Voice of Players and other awards, which is the biggest winner of this awards ceremony.

Shortly after, however, some Xbox players reported experiencing problems with lost game progress. Players reported varying degrees of progress loss, with one player reporting dozens of hours of lost game progress.

Microsoft subsequently acknowledged the problem with player feedback and recommended that players try to save the game before completely quitting to avoid related problems until a complete fix was released.

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