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Nominations for the 2023 Steam Awards were announced: "done!" "Outstanding plot", "Baird's Gate 3" was shortlisted for best game.

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Shulou( Report--, December 16, the shortlist for the 2023 Steam Awards has now been announced. Voting will begin at 10:00 Pacific time on December 21 (2: 00 a.m. Beijing time on December 22) and end at 10:00 on January 2, 2024 (2: 00 a.m. Beijing time on January 3). Activity entrance

The full nomination list for is as follows:

Best Game of the year "Baird's Gate 3"

"lethal company"


Biochemical Evil 4: remaking

The Legacy of Hogwarts

Best VR Game of the year "F1 23"


"Gorilla Tag"

"I expected you to die."

"Ghosts of Tabor"

Love giving Award "Apex Hero"

"Deep Rock Milky way"



"Wild Dart 2"

Best Steam Deck Game Award "fishing Sails surging"

Escape: trial

Diablo 4

The Legacy of Hogwarts

"Potato Brothers"

Solo Lele is not as good as all Lele Award "deadly Company"

"Beast Party."

The son of the Forest

"the sunken land"

"Battle Hammer 40K: dark Tide"

Outstanding Visual style Award "COCOON"

The Heart of the Atom

Dark dungeon 2

"High On Life"

The most creative game play award "Your Only Move Is HUSTLE"

"Anti-smuggling Police"

"relic 2"

"ferocious Shadow doubt Cloud"

"Starry sky"

Even though his hands are disabled, he still loves to award "Master".

Street Fighter 6


"the fallen Lord"

"Watch Vanguard 2"

Best original Sound track Award "Hi-Fi Rush"

"Goddess anecdote 5: strategic Edition"

"Pizza Tower"

Hymn of the Tower of Babel

The Last Survivor: part I

Outstanding plot Game Award "Baird's Gate 3"

"it's over! I'm surrounded by beautiful women. "

"the lie of Pinocchio"

Biochemical Evil 4: remaking

Star Wars role: survivor

Relaxed and comfortable Award "City: skyline 2"

Pharmaceutical technology

Dave the Diver

Simulated Train World 4

"Coral Island"

According to reports, players who vote for the awards will receive a special Steam award sticker to vote for each of the 11 awards. As usual, each game can only qualify for up to two awards: game of the year (or VR Game of the year) and another award.

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