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How to make "three-wire table" in Word?

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The three-line table is generally used in papers, and there are usually three lines, the top line, the bottom line and the column line. If you don't know how to make it, teacher Yi will teach you how to make it hand in hand today.

The composition of a three-wire table

1. Make a three-line table. 1. Let's cancel all the frame lines first. Select the table and enter "Design"-"Border"-"No frame Line".

2, select the form, "right"-"Table Properties"-"Border and shading", select "1.5 pounds" for the border line, and then click "Top frame Line" and "bottom frame Line" to make sure.

3. Select "Project Bar", then "right"-"Table Properties"-"Border and shading", select "0.5 lb" for the border line, click "Lower frame Line", and OK. At this point, our three-wire table has been completed.

2, one button to apply three-line table if you often want to use three-line table, I suggest you can add three-line table to your "table style", later to use, directly apply on the OK.

1. First select the table, enter "Design"-"Table style"-"New Table style", set a name, and then set the table to "horizontal Center".

2. Click "format"-"Border and shading", select "1.5 pounds" for the border line, click "Top frame Line" and "bottom frame Line" to make sure.

3. Select "title row" in "apply format to", enter "format"-"Border and shading" again, set the "upper frame line" to "1.5 pounds", and set the "lower frame line" to "0.5 pounds". Then select "New document based on this template" to determine.

If you need to use a three-line table in the future, we can select the table, click "Design"-"Table style", and click on the saved three-line table style in "Custom".

This article comes from the official account of Wechat: Word Technology Alliance (ID:Wordlm123), author: Yi Xuelong

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