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Li Bin: the 150-degree battery pack has been verified in all models, and the high-speed driving test will be broadcast live tomorrow.

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Thank netizen Ye Yinniang for her clue delivery! reported on December 16 that the first 150kWh battery was released on the NIO Day in January 2021, but the launch time has been "jumping ticket", from the third quarter of 2022 delivery, and then to this summer launch, and then to July this year's "still need to wait." Time has come today, and things seem to have made more important progress.

Li Bin, founder, CEO and chairman of Xilai Automobile, posted at noon today, "150C battery pack, everyone has been waiting for a long time!" It also said that all models on the first-generation and second-generation platforms have completed the verification announcement, and the team has conducted various tests and performed better than expected, such as mileage.

Li Bin announced that he has decided to drive his own car to test the high-speed life of the 150-degree battery and will start driving the ET7 from Shanghai at 6:30 tomorrow morning to test "how far the battery pack can drive on the highway." It said it caught up with the national cooling in recent days and tried to drive further in such a weather environment.

According to previous reports from, Li Bin said in 2021 that the mileage of the Xilai ES8 (which was still an old model at the time) with the battery pack would reach 730km (NEDC mode), that of the new ES8 model would reach 850km, and that of the flagship medium and large sedan, the ET7, was expected to exceed 1000 km.

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