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The prototype of time-domain astronomical telescope array of Antarctic celestial eye in China has been successfully developed.

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Shulou( Report-- news on December 16, the official account of the Shanghai Astronomical Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences today announced the successful development of a prototype of the "Antarctic Celestial eyes" time-domain astronomical telescope array.

Antarctic Sky eyes proposed in 2019 that an optical telescope array consisting of 100 small-aperture and large-field-of-view telescopes is planned to be installed in Antarctica. learned from the report that the field of view of a single telescope is about 100 square degrees, covering an area of 10,000 square degrees above 30 degrees above the horizon, and carries out continuous observations during the polar night every year, striving to make a major breakthrough in the field of short-time-scale time-domain astronomical observation.

Zhou Dan, head of the "Antarctic Tianmu" prototype at the Shanghai Observatory and senior engineer, said that with the strong support and assistance of the China Polar Research Center of the Ministry of Natural Resources, the "Antarctic Tianmu" prototype arrived at Zhongshan Station during China's 39th Antarctic expedition.

After the expedition team successfully completed the installation and commissioning of the equipment, the observation began on February 20, 2023, and ended on October 26, with continuous fault-free observation, and a large number of observation data were obtained during the polar night in Antarctica.

The prototype of "Antarctic Sky eyes" is in Antarctica. (photo provided by Shanghai Astronomical Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences) the team of Shanghai Astronomical Observatory conducted an in-depth analysis of the observed images. The preliminary results show that the photometric accuracy of stars brighter than 9 in the images exposed by the prototype for 30 seconds can reach 1/1000 stars. This photometric accuracy meets the observation requirements of the Antarctic celestial eye time-domain astronomical telescope array. It shows that the prototype is reasonable and feasible in the aspects of innovative design, environmental adaptability, application of drift scanning CCD technology and operation reliability, and has been successfully developed.

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