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The Chinese team has developed 24-hour temperature-adjustable clothing.

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Shulou( Report--, December 16 (Xinhua) Nankai University recently released a report announcing that China has made a breakthrough in the field of daily wearable thermoregulatory clothing, developing all-weather self-sustainable human thermal management clothing driven only by sunlight.

Schematic diagram of the working principle of all-weather self-sustainable human thermal management clothing driven only by sunlight. The project, led by Professor Chen Yongsheng of the College of Chemistry and Professor Ma Rujun of the School of Materials Science and Engineering, was published in Science, an authoritative international academic journal, on December 15.

Relatively constant body temperature is one of the important conditions to maintain normal life and activity of human body. Clothing plays an important role in regulating human body temperature and maintaining human thermal comfort.

In areas where there is a great temperature difference between day and night or poor living environment, how to use clothes safely, conveniently and efficiently to keep body temperature in a comfortable temperature range? whether it is possible to develop a daily wearable thermoregulatory clothing like a spacesuit that keeps the human body in a comfortable temperature range is a constant pursuit but a very challenging goal.

The team designed and developed a flexible and sustainable personal thermoregulation clothing system. The system can respond quickly according to a variety of extremely complex ambient temperature changes. Through flexible solar devices, the energy of sunlight is used to drive efficient card thermal management devices, expanding the human thermal comfort zone from 22-28 °C to 12.5-37.6 °C. at the same time, low energy consumption, high efficiency, only 12 hours of solar energy input, 24-hour controllable and dual-mode body temperature regulation can be achieved, with strong adaptive ability.

Based on the previous progress made by the team in flexible solar energy, electric cards and thermal management (Science 2018, 361,1094-1098 Science 2017, 357,1130-1134), they designed and fabricated flexible solar cell modules and flexible card thermal management modules, and organically integrated them into a new type of flexible wearable active solar thermal management system.

The system realizes two-way active human thermal management, which allows the human body to cool down in the sun (high temperature) and keep warm in the dark (low temperature). The environmental temperature range in which the human body can live has been increased by more than three times. attached the reference address of the paper: Ziyuan Wang et al.,Self-sustaining personal all-day thermoregulatory clothing using only sunlight.Science382,1291-1296 (2023) .DOI: 10.1126/science.adj3654.

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