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Chinese scientists have successfully developed a new dry powder inhalation vaccine development platform technology: fast preparation speed and long efficacy of sustained release drugs.

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Shulou( Report--, December 16, the Institute of process Engineering of the Chinese Academy of Sciences recently announced that a team of academician Ma Guanghui and researcher Wei Wei, director of the Institute's State key Laboratory of biochemical Engineering, have developed a single-dose dry powder inhalation vaccine development platform technology with a "nano-micro-complex" multi-stage structure, which can realize the development and iteration of multiple protein antigen vaccines.

According to the official website of the Institute of process Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, ▲, the team put forward a new concept of nano-micro composite delivery based on years of research on the preparation of uniform microspheres and biological formulation engineering, and cooperated with Wang Hengli and Zhu Li, researchers of the Institute of Biological Engineering of the Academy of military Medicine. This technology has successfully prepared a new dry powder inhalation vaccine in the laboratory, which can effectively block the infection and transmission of respiratory virus in animal models.

The above platform technology has the characteristics of fast preparation, high delivery efficiency, easy storage and transportation at room temperature, long efficacy of slow-release drugs, and so on. The best micron-sized vaccine particles obtained through calculation and analysis can reach the alveoli and deposit effectively. In the face of new and sudden infectious diseases in the future, it is expected to achieve rapid vaccine construction and efficient prevention and treatment.

The surface of nanoparticles can display a variety of antigens at the same time, which can induce broad-spectrum immune response and expand the scope of vaccine protection. At the same time, thanks to the flexibility of antigen display, the platform can also quickly and easily complete the construction of other respiratory virus vaccines.

At the same time, the dry powder vaccine can significantly save storage and transportation costs, help to cover areas with insufficient storage and transportation conditions such as cold storage, and increase the immunization coverage rate.

The relevant papers have been published in the journal Nature, with a link: click here to

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