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Excellent sound quality, comfortable to wear, ink will bring game headphones to a new auditory experience

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Shulou( Report--

On December 6, Mo will launch Halo Tri-mode Wireless Game Headphones. It is understood that Mo will launch game handles, expansion back keys, Bluetooth game headphones and other products within two years, and Halo Pro headset is the first headset developed by Mo in two years, but also an important part of its perfect product line.

For example, the clarity of the microphone during the game, the quality of the call, the background noise reduction, and the comfort required for long-term wearing, the demand for ultra-low delay in real-time competition, even the requirements for endurance and compatibility are getting higher and higher. In the communication with users, Mo will gain insight into the needs of users, decide to create more suitable game headphones for users, and expand the business to new areas.

Although gamepads and headphones are two different product types, they also have technical similarities. For example, both require wireless connectivity, latency reduction, and other features. Therefore, for ink generals with certain technology, although there is relevant experience in cross-border headphones, in order to make good products, it is also necessary to master the technology of earphone design and production involving electronics, machinery, acoustics and other fields, and then, so the research and development of headphones is also a challenge that requires time and technology polishing and cannot be underestimated.

As a high-profile headset, the Ink Halo Pro headset has a series of features and advantages: comfortable to wear all day without clamping, ensuring long-term wear comfort; 53mm self-developed large dynamic coil, which can bring excellent sound quality performance; Tri-mode link, free switching between different devices; Low latency wireless technology, ensuring high-quality music enjoyment;35 hours of battery life, meeting long-term use needs.

In order to ensure that users can use them freely for a long time, Ink Halo Pro headphones adopt all-ear earmuffs, metal materials are selected for the earphone head beam part with soft wrapping, and imitation protein skin is selected for the earmuffs, which can fit the auricle well and effectively reduce the pressure on the head of the headphones. At the same time, it also has the characteristics of comfortable all-day wear without clamping head, feeling relaxed and comfortable when wearing, greatly reducing discomfort.

Ink Halo Pro headphones adopt 53mm self-developed super large dynamic coil, with strong sound quality performance, whether listening to music, watching movies or playing games, users can enjoy clearer sound effect.

In some large-scale competitive games, especially FPS games, the perception of sound is very important, it can help players determine the enemy's position and action. The significance of large dynamic circle and wide sound field is to make the sound more three-dimensional and the sound field wider, so as to make it clearer and more prominent, thus helping players better judge the opponent's position and improving the competitive and immersive feeling of the game. Walking on different ground materials in the game, such as grass, stones, boards, etc., you can hear different sound effects, increasing the realism of the game. And ink will also do careful adjustment at this point, with the exclusive special adjustment of the game mode EQ technology, so that users can accurately "listen to the sound to identify the position" in the game, get a pleasant game experience, win.

In terms of connection, Ink Halo Pro headphones adopt three-mode link free switching technology, which can switch freely between different devices, making it more convenient and smooth to use. The addition of low-latency wireless technology provides high-quality music enjoyment, and you can enjoy unlimited music fun. In terms of battery life, the performance of the Ink Halo Pro headset is equally excellent, with 35 hours of battery life, enough to meet the long-term use needs.

Finally, the addition of AURORA RGB Angel Aura adds a cool look to the Ink Halo Pro headset, showing personalization when worn, and adding a color to the auditory feast.

In order to create good headphones that users really like and really need, Mo will set up an acoustic laboratory two years ago. In the process of developing headphones, Ink will invest a lot of time and energy to ensure that the sound quality and performance reach the best state. Before the official launch, Ink will still adhere to the concept of "from players to players," collect opinions and suggestions from users, understand users 'needs, and get real feedback. The birth of Mojiang's first headset is a testimony to countless technological transformations and learning progress.

If ink will succeed in the headset market, it will help improve its position and market competitiveness in the entire electronic technology field. In short, the appearance of the Ink Halo Pro headset allows users to enjoy a high-quality music experience, but also brings a comfortable wearing feeling, looking forward to its excellent performance in the market!

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