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Why do major mobile phone manufacturers attach so much importance to photography?

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Since the rise of smartphones a decade ago, major mobile phone manufacturers have been particularly fond of promoting their products by emphasizing the shooting function, which is always the focus of display, whether in a press conference or in advertising.

So why do major mobile phone manufacturers attach so much importance to the photography function of mobile phones?

1. Market demand for mobile phone manufacturers to attach importance to the photography function is not their own wishful thinking, users also attach great importance to the shooting function of the mobile phone.

Most people are interested in photography or photography, hoping to record the beauty of daily life, and the increasingly powerful shooting function of mobile phones can undoubtedly meet this demand.

At first, a small mobile phone can surprise people with a clear picture, but now professional shooting performance has become a necessary feature of the phone.

two。 The display photography function of technology and innovation is the display point of mobile phone manufacturers' own technology and innovation. More powerful photography function and more innovative shooting technology can give people a sense of innovation and progress in the field of electronic products.

So in recent years, many mobile phone manufacturers have also begun to cooperate with camera brands, such as Huawei and Leica before, Xiaomi and Leica now, as well as OPPO and Hasu.

Binding your phone to a top camera brand can also give people a sense of being "far ahead".

3. Photography camera function has become a productivity smartphone photography camera function has been improved compared with a few years ago, in the picture quality, color and other aspects have a good performance, can become a productivity output point.

With the rise of various short video platforms, mobile phones can not only record life, but also become practical production tools, and the videos and photos captured by mobile phones are more convenient in post-editing and uploading. the camera function of mobile phone is also getting more and more attention.

4. Camera manufacturers are not the only ones who will squeeze toothpaste. Some mobile phone manufacturers have also taken advantage of this.

It is almost impossible for mobile phone manufacturers to improve the quality of their products every year, so most of the time they can only do something new in the surrounding features, such as photography.

As long as the photography function is still improving, then it is a product with a higher gold content, which has also led to the emergence of gimmicks such as "100 million pixels" in the industry.

To put it another way, as long as the shooting function of the mobile phone still lags behind that of the camera, then it will always have "upward space" and will be able to launch new products continuously.

This article comes from the official account of Wechat: play some Photography (ID:wakexiao), by AGER

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