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Lenovo Wang Chuandong: AI PC enters AI Ready and is about to open AI On

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"AI PC has officially entered the AI Ready phase, and then it will gradually enter the AI On phase." On December 16, the launching ceremony of Intel artificial Intelligence Innovation and Application Competition was held in Shenzhen. As an exclusive AI PC partner, Wang Chuandong, vice president and chief marketing officer of Lenovo Group, attended the ceremony and delivered a speech on behalf of the company.

Wang Chuandong believes that the development of AI PC is divided into two stages: AI Ready and AI On. AI Ready stage is: the product has basic local mixed AI computing power, which can provide basic guarantee for AI PC software and service innovation, and start experience innovation. The initial stage is mainly manifested as the upgrade of chip computing architecture.

Wang Chuandong, Vice President of Lenovo Group and Chief Marketing Officer of China

In the AI On phase, AI PC products have complete AI PC core features, and provide an epoch-making AI innovation experience in the core scenarios, becoming everyone's personal AI assistant. With the core technological innovation, product experience optimization, and the ecological prosperity of AI applications, AI PC can serve a wider range of general scenarios, and can achieve end-to-end collaborative computing, cross-device interconnection, and even fine-tuning training of large personal models in marginal private domain environments based on personal data and usage history.

Wang Chuandong said that the AI PC in the AI On phase must have five complete core features, namely: embedded personal agents to achieve multimodal natural language interaction, embedded personal large models composed of local large models and personalized local knowledge bases, fully standard local mixed AI computing power with CPU&NPU&GPU, connecting open AI application ecology, providing device-level personal data and privacy protection. With Lenovo's innovative leadership in software and hardware technology and close cooperation with ecological partners, Lenovo will take the lead in starting the AI On phase.

It is worth mentioning that Lenovo's new AI Ready laptop, the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon AI and Lenovo's new Pro 16 AI Core, went on sale on December 15. In addition to embedded mixed AI computing power, the two new products make full use of the mixed AI computing power of Intel Core Ultra processors to innovate or enhance a lot of AI experiences, including AI intelligent conferencing, AI video framing, AI intelligent noise reduction, AI accelerated video matting, and so on.

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