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Pre-sale of Geely Galaxy E8 model: equipped with single / double motor, first 45-inch screen, starting from 188000 yuan

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Thanks to netizens Yu P for your clue delivery in Shanghai and Colorful M! December 16 news, Geely Galaxy E8 opened the global pre-sale, a total of five models: 550km PRO, 550km MAX,665km starship voyage version, 665km starship intelligent driving version, 620km starship performance version, starting at 188000 yuan.

The government has also introduced a number of rights and interests, paying 1000 yuan in cash, which can be deducted against 6000 yuan in the end of the car purchase; car owners of this product enjoy a replacement subsidy of 10000 yuan. learned from the official that Geely Galaxy E8 is the first model of Geely Galaxy's "intelligent pure electric E series", which is based on the vast architecture of Geely Group SEA.

Galaxy E8 launched 6 body colors: begonia powder, first snow silver, Zhiqiu red, autumn apricot yellow, willow frost white, haze gray, two interior colors: early white, lake mirror gray; the front face adopts the ripple aesthetic design style, the headlight group shows an upward momentum, and the new glowing matrix Logo fits above the front grille.

On the interior, Galaxy E8 has a 45-inch smart screen for its first global launch, with an effective display area of 1130 * 138mm; with 8295 flagship cockpit chip, access to Flyme Link, linkage with Meizu 21, support for three-finger task transfer, address transfer and other functions.

In terms of power, the Galaxy E8 is pure electric drive, the comprehensive power of the single-motor model is 200kW, equipped with 76 kWh batteries, and the pure electric mileage can reach 665 km; the dual-motor all-wheel drive version has a power of 165 kW, a maximum speed of 210 km/h and a zero acceleration of 3.49s.

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