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Meizu 21 Galaxy customized version machine is unveiled, and the back cover is designed with color matching.

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizen Yu P for the clue delivery in Shanghai! December 16 news, Geely car users conference held today in Guangdong Zhanjiang Olympic Sports Center-Fifth Ring Square, Galaxy E8 officially opened the pre-sale, Meizu 21 Geely Galaxy customized version also unveiled at the conference. observation found that Meizu 21 Galaxy custom version of the rendering of the gray background, the left and right sides of the color design, while the real machine shows a bluish-gray look in the light. The color block design similar to Geely Galaxy Logo is used on the right, and Meizu and Geely Galaxy Logo are printed in the lower right corner.

It is understood that Meizu 21 Geely Galaxy customized version only has the 12GB + 256GB storage configuration version, the official pricing information has not been released, the hardware configuration is expected to be the same as the original.

It is worth mentioning that Geely Galaxy E8 will be connected to the Flyme Link mobile phone domain, the first launch equipped with "three fingers task transfer", support "address transfer on the car" and a series of classic functions.

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