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Microsoft Win11 eliminates the old console mode and will no longer be provided by default in the future.

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Shulou( Report--, December 17 (Xinhua)-- Microsoft has officially announced that the Old console Mode (Legacy Console Mode), a compatibility tool for older command-line programs, is about to be deprecated and will not be updated. This means that this mode will no longer be available by default in future versions of Windows, but can still be used by manual installation.

To put it simply, the old console mode allows command-line programs (such as the command prompt or PowerShell) to switch to an older version to run when they encounter compatibility problems, thus resolving abnormal display or operation of the program. Users can enable this mode by right-clicking the console title bar, selecting Properties, and checking the use Legacy console option in the options tab.

Microsoft said that the future Windows system will not include the "old console mode" by default. However, users can still manually install the feature through the "DISM / add-Capability" command to meet special needs. notes that the elimination of "old console mode" is not alone. Microsoft has already announced that it will stop updating many other features and components, such as the old voice recognition tool from the Windows Vista era (which has been replaced by voice access in Windows 11), the step recorder, Tips applications, WordPad, VBScript, remote mail slots, and so on.

It is important to note that although Microsoft eliminates these features, they usually remain in the system for a period of time, but are no longer updated and eventually removed completely.

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