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The patent picture of the interior decoration of BYD pickup truck is exposed: continue the appearance style, with HUD look-up display

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Shulou( Report-- reported on December 17 that spy photos and patent maps of BYD pickup models have been released one after another, and the interior patent map of the car has also been unveiled, showing the overall cockpit layout.

From the design point of view, combined with the previous appearance patent map, it can be seen that the new car interior continues the appearance of the more hard style, the center console uses a large number of straight lines, the sense of hierarchy is also very clear.

The car co-driver is equipped with a concave storage grid in front and an H-shaped bulging component behind the central control screen. It is expected that a major selling point of the new car will be a richer storage space.

In addition, the new car owner also has a large HUD look-up display area in front of the car, and a large floating central control screen in the middle. Compared with the equation Leopard 5, the two cars have a similar steering wheel and share part of the styling design (such as central layout, handle styling, etc.).

▲ picture shows equation Leopard 5 Comprehensive previously reported that the car was designed by BYD chief scientist Lian Yubo, global design director Wolfgang Iger, Yin Yadong, Huang Zuzheng, Huang Jiangrong, Yan Xiaoyu and others. According to BYD's previous plan, the pickup would have been launched this year, but now it may have to "skip tickets" until next year. According to past news, the new BYD pickup may offer plug-in hybrid and pure electric power versions.

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