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Li Bin: it is recommended that all major car companies CEO personally test the real range of their electric vehicles.

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Shulou( Report--, December 17, this morning, CEO and founder Li Bin of Xilai set out from Shanghai and drove the ET7 from Shanghai to test the battery life of the 150-degree battery pack.

At present, the test is still in progress. As of, Li Bin has driven 246km, the remaining electricity is 77%, the comprehensive power consumption of 100 km is 14.4kWh, the interior temperature is 20 ℃, the ambient temperature is 3 ℃, and the speed is 81km/h (this test is usually around 90km/h).

During the test, Li Bin suggested to other car companies: the CEO of each major car company personally tested the real range of their electric cars. "CEO can handle it, and the average user must be about the same." At the same time, he also said that the CEO test should "become an industry standard".

During the live broadcast, Li Bin also "spoiled" some details about the 150-degree battery package, claiming to be the world's first non-thermal runaway soft package CTP battery, using Weilai to independently develop the battery, with an energy density of 360Wh/kg, which is currently the highest energy density and electricity product in the domestic mass-produced power battery package.

As for the mass production date, Li Bin said it is expected to be April next year. In addition, the battery also went through internal tests from Kunming to Beihai, setting a record for electric vehicles with a score of 1145 kilometers.

According to a report by yesterday, Li Bin said that all models on the first-and second-generation platforms have completed the verification announcement, and the team has conducted various tests and performed better than expected, such as mileage.

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