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How to tell a good story with photos?

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A photo can not only be used as a record and a display of beauty, but also can "tell a story".

In documentary photography, news photography and other topics, the story presentation ability of photos is very important, some photos may be flawed in visual performance, but outstanding storytelling skills can be impressive, which is why sometimes we say that some photos can be taken is not easy.

So how to tell stories with photos?

1. Down-to-earth research in the street to shoot a few passers-by, it is not easy to record life is documentary photography? Are you telling a true story?

Not really, it's just expressing your subjective feelings.

When looking at documentary photos, many people tend to pay more attention to the event itself and think that it is the event itself that makes the photo. This view is also true, but it ignores the efforts of the photographer. Excellent photos often require photographers to visit, investigate, and experience for many years, and then convey the true side of the event through the lens.

Without these jobs, the so-called "story" is just my imagination.

two。 There has been such a trend in the competitions in recent years. It is easier to express personal ideas and show a complete story, even if there is a lack of visual presentation in the work, but as long as the idea is novel and valuable, can still be favored.

A group of pictures can fully show an event from different time and space angles, describe the facts through different roles, and it is easier to tell a good story.

More suitable for the performance of photography depth of the group of pictures, how to shoot is reasonable?

3. Decisive moment if you want a photo to tell a good story, you need to grasp the decisive moment, that is, the most expressive moment.

Such as the action, eyes, interaction of the characters, the light, shadow and color of the scene, and capturing these decisive moments is inseparable from the photographer's ability to predict and understand, and sometimes requires a little luck, however, on the basis of solid research, in many years of personal experience, it is natural to form a keen consciousness of the decisive moment.

4. When the details are told with the lens, the details are very important. The expressive force of the subject will make people directly feel the story itself and feel the tension, while the details of the photos can supplement the content of the story and make people feel the taste of the photos.

For example, if we want to take a group of photos about the Spring Festival, we can pay attention to the firecracker paper on the ground, the new couplet on the door, or the house where the lights are still brightly lit at midnight. These details can not only supplement the time, place and other information, but also enhance the festive atmosphere, enrich the story content, and make the photos more interesting.

This article comes from the official account of Wechat: play some Photography (ID:wakexiao), by AGER

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