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"Last Survivor 2 remake" download capacity 76.164GB, preloaded on January 12 next year

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Shulou( Report--, December 17 (Xinhua)-- X platform blogger PlayStation Game Size released the download capacity of "Last Survivor 2 remake" on Friday. It said that the version number of the game file found so far is 1.000.020, the download capacity is 76.164GB, and the price of the standard version is $49.99 ( Note: currently about 356 yuan).

The blogger also said that players who participate in the reservation will be able to play in advance on January 12 before the book is officially released on January 19 next year. According to foreign media GameNews24 analysis, this size is slightly smaller than the PS4 version of 78.3GB, but players no longer need to reserve available space for 100GB.

Some time ago, Sony Mutual Entertainment's naughty dog studio announced that it would be launched on January 19, landing on the PlayStation 5 mainframe platform. Players can play new roles against a range of enemies through a variety of stealth and combat encounters, and unique twists and turns can add new and unexpected elements to any given encounter.

Technically, the game provides native 4K output in fidelity mode, upgrades 1440p to 4K in performance mode, and can choose to unlock the frame rate if the player is using a TV that supports VRR.

In addition, the work provides a new "No Return" Roguelike mode and guitar free playing mode, with unlockable instruments that can experience some incomplete levels deleted from the original game. If users have previously purchased "last survivor 2" on PS4, they can upgrade to a remade digital version at a price of US $10 (currently about 71 yuan) to support archival transfer.

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