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Xizang Airlines cooperates with Comac to jointly develop a domestic large aircraft C919 plateau aircraft.

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Shulou( Report--, December 17, according to China Business report, Xizang Airlines and Comac signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement to carry out omni-directional strategic cooperation on the joint development of domestic large plateau aircraft.

Prior to this, Comac has revealed that it will develop two C919 series derivative models, namely the extended model and the high prototype. Xizang Airlines is the first Gao Gao original airline in China, which has accumulated rich experience in high altitude operation, and the two will jointly promote the development and optimization of plateau aircraft models made in China.

The standard model of the C919 can carry 168 passengers and has a range of 4075 kilometers. According to Comac's previous introduction, the two newly launched derivative models will have different performance and characteristics.

Among them, the C919 shortened model, also known as the high prototype, is designed for the operation of high-altitude airports and can carry 140 passengers under the two-cabin layout with a range of 3000 km. The fuselage of the aircraft is about 34 meters long, 3.6 meters shorter than the standard model, and the wings and engines remain unchanged. Comac said the C919 shortened or high prototype "can meet the transport needs of the western region, is suitable for taking off and landing at airports in the plateau region, and has strong plateau adaptability and economy".

The C919 extension is designed for the operation of the medium-and long-range market and can carry 210passengers under the two-cabin layout with a range of 4500 km. The fuselage of the aircraft is about 45 meters long, 7.4 meters longer than the standard model, and the wings and engines have been improved accordingly. Comac said the C919 extension "can meet the operational needs between China's major cities and the Asia-Pacific region, with high transport efficiency and economy".

Comac did not disclose the specific development progress and delivery time of the C919 derivative model, but said it would "gradually promote the development of the C919 derivative model according to market demand and technical conditions". previously reported that Comac's third C919 large airliner was delivered to China Eastern Airlines on December 9.

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