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Go online and be advanced! How does Flying Book make Meiyijia, the National convenience Store, smarter?

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Meiyijia, founded in 1997, is a commercial circulation enterprise of Dongguan Sugar and Wine Group and has become the convenience store brand with the largest number of stores in China. In January 2023, Meiyijia and Feishu officially joined hands to build a "All in one" office coordination platform for headquarters, franchisees, logistics drivers, suppliers and other close partners with the goal of closed-loop of the full business chain. At present, Feishu has become a communication position for all the staff of Meiyijia headquarters, realizing office in Fei, knowledge in Fei and business in Fei. (* data from CCFA "2022 China convenience store TOP 100")

Meiyijia, a "national convenience store" with 33000 stores in more than 230 cities across the country, began to plan digital changes in 2020, and formally implemented the digital transformation strategy in 2022. How to better achieve strategic coordination and ensure the efficient landing of the strategy? Hu Qiuyu, deputy general manager of Meiyijia, gave the answer: "when I first came into contact with Feishu, I sighed that this was the tool we needed for our digital transformation!"

Hu Qiuyu, Deputy General Manager of Meiyijia

On December 13, Feishu joined Meiyijia to create the "Advanced step into Meiyijia" campaign to decode the "National convenience Store" Meiyijia digital power building.

I. capacity-building of "going online is advanced"

At the event, Chen Qiuming, assistant to the person in charge of Meiyijia data IT system, shared the process of Meiyijia's digital transformation.

In the early days of its establishment, Meiyijia introduced the commercial circulation ERP, coupled with self-developed IT tools to support the rapid development of the business. However, after the arrival of the digital era, "self-developed IT tools are increasingly unable to meet and respond to the rapid development of business for digital and intelligent needs."

Chen Qiuming, Assistant in charge of data IT system

"We need an important collaborative base that can implement business operations no matter what kind of terminal or operating system, as long as there is an APP+Wi-Fi." After a series of product trials and analysis, "We found that Flying Book stands out in this area."

Build Super App on the Base of Synergy in Flying Book

Chen Qiuming described the process of Meiyijia launching Feishu as "launch, that is, advanced capacity building". Feishu solved a series of problems that once appeared at Meiyijia, such as "complex data links", "serious system smoking", and "lack of digital tools". Help Meiyijia employees and more than 30,000 stores to build up the internal and external chain of coordination, to achieve all in one cooperation and management.

Build All in one collaboration and management platform around "people" and "things"

Meiyijia is also actively building a fourth-generation service platform, hoping to make the whole enterprise more "smart" by introducing AI. Chen Qiuming said that the AI application that Feishu can use right out of the box is expected to bring about a new round of innovation in intelligent office work with Meiyijia.

Second, Flying Book helps Meiyijia to build a "super store"

At the store application level, Huang Jianming, head of Meiyijia data IT store application products, shared Meiyijia's "flying book experience".

Huang Jianming, head of Application products in Meiyijia data IT Store

Huang Jianming admitted that a series of problems emerged when the number of stores jumped from 3,000 to 30,000. How do employees with more than 100,000 people work together? How can the message reach the store and be executed in an effective and timely manner? "Flying Book solves our fault problem, so that the store and the headquarters are no longer parallel time and space, and achieve coordination in the same space, forming a perfect ecological closed loop."

Using Feishu as the base to construct the quality closed loop of store management PCDA and the integration of industry and training

With the help of Flying Book, Meiyijia also achieves a closed loop for efficient store management, while customizing the operation interface for specific business scenarios, improving the efficiency and experience of collaboration between employees and stores. Huang Jianming mentioned that Meiyijia follows the idea of "leaving complexity to headquarters and simplicity to the front line". For store employees, different from the daily needs of headquarters employees, they just need to pay attention to and deal with some daily information. "after putting the demand to Flying Book, we quickly created a flying book interface for store staff, which is more concise and convenient."

When it was decided to fly books in all the stores, the takeout scene became a "pain point" problem for Meiyijia. Previously, through Meiyijia's takeout center, the store clerk was prompted for takeout order information by voice; after using Flying Book, "no reminder of takeout order" may cause the store clerk to miss the order and lead to timeout. After discussion with Feishu, we create a "one-stop solution" for takeout scenarios: voice prompts, order taking, order processing, delivery and picking and a series of processes can all be carried out in Feishu. Huang Jianming said, "in this way, we can rest assured that the capacity of takeout can be carried on the Flying Book. The shop assistant does not need to pay attention to many terminals, just read the Flying Book!"

Take-out order Flying Book Voice reminder, Top display

With Feishu as the carrier and base, all the management and applications of Meiyijia are integrated into the Feishu platform, and all the work and business are integrated in Feishu, which really realizes the business philosophy of "all in one".

Meiyijia store management system

Third, from "using Flying Book" to "using Shuangfei Book"

At the event site, Wang Hongfu, head of office collaboration products for Meiyijia data IT, used Feishuyun documents to show how Meiyijia changed from "using Fei Shu" to "making good use of Fei Shu" and then to "using Shuang Fei Book".

Wang Hongfu, head of Meiyijia data IT Office Collaborative products

Through the integration of Feishu examination and approval center, Meiyijia unifies the management process of 12 systems scattered in OA, ERP, finance, fee control and so on into Feishu, realizing platform integration. Combined with the functions of robot reminder and "one-button pull group", the problems such as "system separation check error", "tedious process and low efficiency" and "examination and approval communication time-consuming" are solved, and the examination and approval experience of employees is greatly optimized. to improve the efficiency of end-to-end process.

In the past, Meiyijia employee welfare orders are to send an Excel template, we fill it out and then summarize, which leads to always errors in the summary. After launching the flying book, you only need to create a multi-dimensional form and generate the form scene to allow employees to fill in in the form of a questionnaire, and the results are directly summarized into the form, which is not only easy to view, but also more efficient and accurate.

Internal purchase Open Group (left) Multi-dimensional form to place an order (right)

Wang Hongfu said, "Meiyijia employees have really achieved a happy office and efficient collaboration in Feishu. Efficient business operation requires tacit cooperation between teams, and Meiyijia and Feishu, like a gear, is the best help to promote this efficient collaboration."

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