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Even-numbered technology won the second prize of information technology application and innovation in the second China Saibao.

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Shulou( Report--

Recently, the second China Saibao Information Technology Application Innovation Outstanding solution Award ceremony was solemnly held. Liu Jian, vice president of the Software and Systems Research Department (Institute) of the five Electronic Institutes of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, attended and delivered a speech. The Saibao Optimum Series events are jointly organized by the Electronic Fifth Institute of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the China Association of Telecommunications Enterprises, which aims to implement the requirements of the State Council's Circular on issuing the 14th five-year Plan for the Development of the Digital economy, comprehensively deepen the digital transformation of key industries, strengthen key core technologies, and firmly grasp the autonomy of digital economy development.

This year's Saibao optimization activity aims to cultivate "good products, good enterprises, good services and good solutions". Since its launch in September 2023, it has attracted the participation of hundreds of enterprises across the country and collected nearly 300 solutions. The "real-time lake-warehouse full-stack solution for network intelligent operation scene" jointly declared by even Technology and China Unicom Research Institute has gone through the preliminary examination, preliminary competition and final. Stand out from many cases in the country and win the second prize of the full stack solution.

The "real-time lake-warehouse integrated full-stack solution for network intelligent operation scene" meets a variety of needs from the source data end to the application side, and has real-time on-demand intelligence, batch flow integration and other data processing capabilities. Form technological innovation in three aspects: compatibility, response and data management:

Compatibility ability

Supports multiple types of data (All Data Types) and cloud native (Native on Cloud). Support data interface compatibility with domestic communication equipment manufacturers and domestic network management manufacturers, adapt to China Unicom's one-point centralized collection, freely increase or decrease computing and storage resources, flexibly expand capacity and save costs.


Support for ultra-high concurrency (High Concurrency) and real-time titled 0 (Realtime) responses. It supports tens of thousands of users to access the same data concurrently using complex queries, and satisfies pre-prediction, mid-event judgment and post-event analysis based on data through stream processing and real-time on-demand query of full data.

Data management capability

Achieve a full chain of open format data (One Data in Open Format) and data consistency (Consistency). All users (BI users, data scientists, etc.) can share the same data, eliminate data islands, and ensure the consistency of different users when querying and updating the same data.

The "real-time lake-warehouse integrated full-stack solution for network intelligent operation scene", created by deep cooperation between even Technology and China Unicom Research Institute, meets the lake-warehouse integrated technology ANCHOR standard in the above three aspects and six major innovative points, which not only fully activates the value of operator data elements, but also enables network operation scenarios such as network quality optimization and improvement, intelligent customer service, network fault root cause analysis, etc. It provides a digital and intelligent data base.

The successful holding of this event has a positive impact on accelerating the transformation of the achievements of Xinchuang, promoting the coordinated efforts of the upper and lower reaches of the industrial chain, and forming a more open and win-win environment. In the future, even science and technology, together with China Unicom Research Institute, will continue to focus on the information technology industry, strengthen key technologies to tackle key problems, promote the high-quality development of the digital industry, and provide high-quality services for all walks of life. build a solid foundation for the high-quality development of the digital economy.

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