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Alfa Romeo announces the launch of its first pure electric SUV model, Milan Milano, in April next year.

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Shulou( Report--, December 17 (Xinhua)-- Alfa Romeo has unveiled its first SUV model and confirmed it will be released in April next year.

The new car, named after the Italian city of Milan, the birthplace of Alfa Romeo, will be the carmaker's first entry into the European B-Class market.

Alfa Romeo also confirmed that the Milano will be equipped with pure electric and light hybrid systems, but currently plans to sell them only in the UK. The company also stressed that it would launch a new model each year between 2022 and 2026 and would be fully electrified by 2027.

▲ Alfa Romeo trailer about the widely circulated name "Brennero", Alfa-Romeo CEO Jean-Philippe Imbarato (Jean-Philippe Imparato) said: "out of respect for our history, this SUV will not be named Brennero, I said two years ago that it is not Brennero."

He also stressed that the name Milano was chosen to emphasize "the connection between this car and the Alpha Romeo base" ("Milano" is also the name of the US market version 75 in the 1980s).

Imbarato also confirmed that the Milano all-electric SUV will use four-wheel drive, indicating that it will be the first all-wheel drive model based on the E-CMP. Details of the powertrain are unclear, but it is only confirmed that the Milano will use an 54kWh battery with a range of about 250km (402.34 km).

Alfa Romeo predicts that Milano will account for about 40 per cent of its global sales, but Mr Imbarato stressed that the company was more focused on generating profits rather than "selling more cars", suggesting that it did not want to participate in a "price war" for new energy vehicles.

However, he also said that if the demand for the SUV is much higher than expected and the Tihei factory is able to meet it, it will increase sales as much as possible: "if I can sell 5000 per month, I will sell 5000 per month. If I sell 10000 per month, then I will sell 10000 per month."

The car company will unveil Milano pricing information at a press conference in April next year, but foreign media believe the new car could start at 40000 pounds ( Note: currently about 362000 yuan) given the high-end positioning of Alfa Romeo.

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