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Update of Steam Game Creative Workshop: support loading sequence, display Mod dependencies, etc.

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Shulou( Report-- December 17, Valve has made a series of updates to the Steam Client Workshop that are useful for both new and advanced users.

According to Valve,"the new Steam client beta includes a variety of improvements around the Workshop, including showing items being downloaded on the download page and improvements to the Workshop subscription interface."

As you can see, the subscription list now shows when developers last updated these mods, when users first subscribed to them, and brings much-needed search filtering, allowing you to search by name or tag.

For advanced users, the Workshop now supports one-click disabling of in-game loaded items, and can also change the local loading order of items, and even Steam itself can help you "find the best loading order" with one click.

In addition, if Workshop content authors set their project as "dependent on other projects," Steam can also prompt you for dependencies that are currently missing, helping you quickly find the cause of the current failure.

On the search side, Valve also adds a search history feature that makes it easy for you to view or repeat recent searches. Valve also brings more browsing options and lets you filter by whether you've played a game recently, restores the ability to view workshop content for games you've just bought or recently played, and a few other web changes.

Added the ability to subscribe to the current project and all its dependencies

Added Previous and Next buttons to Image Viewer

Add an item to your favorites without reloading the page

Allow unlisted and friends-only items to be added to favorites

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