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Primordial, activate! Mihayou cooperates with Huawei official Xuan to develop the game "Pure Blood Hongmeng".

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks netizens have crucian carp snow fox, tourist 170001, soft media new friend 2201192, Mr, Su clue delivery!, December 18, just posted @ Huawei Terminal Cloud Service, announcing that Mihayou has announced the launch of Hongmeng native application development. "when @ Mihayou miHoYo @ the original god of 'tech house save the world' meets HarmonyOS NEXT, it will bring more possibilities for cross-platform gaming and player experience."

In fact, as early as last month (November 25), a number of partners submitted that the Mihayou official website recruitment page online a new position: engine development (system to)-the original god.

Job responsibilities show that this position is related to the adaptation of engine layer Hongmeng system, including system UI, input, file system, gles&vulkan, memory management and other projects, as well as CPU&GPU performance analysis and optimization, memory and IO optimization.

In terms of job requirements, the applicant is required to have 3-5 years of engine development experience, familiar with at least one mainstream 3D engine, proficient in using C++, etc.

The main applications or vendors of Guan Xuan are as follows: (started)

Same trip (started)

Happy Xiaoxiaole (completed)

Meituan (started)

Where to (started)

Sina Weibo (launched)

Graphite document (completed)

Nailing (started)

Flight is always accurate (activated)

Little Red Book (completed)

Bilibili (started)

Sunflower (started) (started)

Anjuke (started)

Amap (started)

Read the comics (started)

Get (started)

Zhejiang spread brain (started)

Ovie Interactive Map (launched)

Mavericks Electric (signed)

Softcom Power (signed)

"killing of the three Kingdoms" series of games (completed)

Construction Bank (launched)

McDonald's (launched)

Alipay (started)

Flush (completed Beta version)

Bank of Communications (started)

HiPaint (started)

Change of car (started)

Ping an Gold Butler (started)

NetEase game (started)

Hong en can read (completed)

Miha Tour (started)

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