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Qualcomm Snapdragon X Elite chip stirs up the PC market, claiming that multi-core performance is 21% higher than that of Apple M3.

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Shulou( Report--, December 18 (Xinhua) Qualcomm recently demonstrated the performance of its new Snapdragon X Elite PC chip and boldly claimed that it surpassed Apple's latest M3 series chips in many ways, especially in terms of AI capabilities, according to Digitaltrends.

According to, the Snapdragon X Elite chip, which carries Snapdragon Oryon CPU, was a star product released by Qualcomm in October, when it was compared to Apple's M2 Max chip. Qualcomm said at the time that its chips were comparable to competitors at the same level of ARM architecture in peak performance and reduced power consumption by 30 per cent.

However, the competitive situation is rapidly changing. Just a week after the launch of the Snapdragon X Elite, Apple released the M3 series of chips and laptops with the chips. Performance is still the main point of contention between the two manufacturers, especially as Apple has yet to dig into the AI field. Qualcomm now compares the processor with the M3, also claiming to be ahead of the M3 in single-threaded CPU performance and 21% higher in multi-core performance.

Qualcomm acknowledges that the software experience is bound to be different due to different operating systems, but hardware performance is the measure.

It is worth noting that Qualcomm also announced in October that Oryon CPU outperformed CPU, the market's leading x86 architecture at the time. On Thursday, however, Intel also released the latest 14-generation Meteor Lake processors, which also have AI capabilities and excellent integrated graphics performance. However, Qualcomm said it had not yet had the opportunity to compare Snapdragon X Elite with the new Intel processor.

PC with Snapdragon X Elite chip is expected to be available in mid-2024, including Acer, Asustek, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Glory, Lenovo, Microsoft, Samsung and Xiaomi. At the same time, Qualcomm internal employees have begun to use unbranded reference devices and received positive feedback, which not only affirmed the performance improvement, but also spoke highly of the native AI features supported by AI PC for the first time.

Sascha Segan, a senior public relations manager at Qualcomm, advises consumers not to rush to buy new laptops, but to wait for PC with Snapdragon X Elite to hit the market in the middle of next year, which will bring stronger performance and a new AI experience.

The arrival of Snapdragon X Elite will undoubtedly stir the PC market, whether it can fulfill Qualcomm's promise, let us wait and see.

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