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Xiaomi launched Mijia intelligent timing gas stove S2: then automatically turn off the gas, the price is 1199 yuan.

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Shulou( Report-- December 18 news, Xiaomi intelligent timing gas stove S2 recently put on the platform, hand price of 1199 yuan, will go on sale at 20: 00 on December 24.

According to reports, this product uses a customized pure white glass panel with a high thermal conductivity brass fire cover; with the addition of a new generation of energy-gathering wind plate, it brings 68% ultra-high thermal efficiency; the inner ring fire accumulates quickly, and the outer ring fire is uniformly heated, supporting 230 °stepless fire regulation.

Functionally, Mijia intelligent timing gas stove S2 supports 1-180 minutes of random timing, then automatic flameout and gas cut off, supporting 5200W stir-frying firepower, which is said to be "more in line with the needs of Chinese cooking".

Prior to this, Xiaomi also launched a rice intelligent cigarette cleaner Xiaobai Jing, oil-free net free of removal and washing, to the hand price of 2699 yuan. If the two products are bought together, the hand price of the set is 3599 yuan, which is 299 yuan less than that of buying alone. ( Note: 1199926993898 yuan). Xiaomi intelligent timing gas stove S21199 yuan direct link Xiaomi family Xiaobaijing MJ052699 yuan direct link Xiaomi home smoke machine Xiaobaijing MJ05 + gas stove S2 package coupon 3599 yuan collar 100RMB coupon

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