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NetEYun Music season 5 Star Collection creation Camp grew up near China Digital Music Base

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Shulou( Report--

On December 17, the fifth season Star Collection ci and Music creation Camp, jointly launched by NetEyun Music and China Digital Music Base, officially opened in Hangzhou. On the same day, Wang Yongsheng, Investment Promotion Bureau of Hangzhou Qianjiang Century City Management Committee, was invited to attend. As representatives of mentors, well-known musicians Ding Wei and Xiang Yuee also attended the opening ceremony to share their creative experiences and insights with the students. Tang Jingjing, general manager of NetEyun Music original Music Studio Group, also delivered a speech on behalf of NetEase Music. While introducing the basic information of this season's Star Collection creation Camp, he also expressed NetEase Yun Music's attitude of continuing to support original music.

According to officials, the theme of this season's creation camp is "near-Earth growth". In recent years, with the trend of fragmentation and regionalization of the music market becoming more and more obvious, young musicians with local characteristics are constantly emerging in various regions of the country. "localized" music is becoming a force that can not be ignored in the music market. Therefore, this Star Collection creation Camp cooperates deeply with NetEase Yun Music original Music support Program Stone Plan for the fifth season, taking the region as the theme, gathering TOP players from 9 competitions of the Stone Plan season 5 to form 15 star collection teams, from online to offline, from Stone Project to Star Collection, musicians from different regions use music to start dialogue. The students will start a 7-day "semi-closed" journey of learning and creating lyrics and songs from December 17 to December 23.

The group of creative mentors invited Ding Wei, a well-known singer and producer in the Chinese music world, to lead, together with Chinese jazz leader, famous composer and performer Qin Sifeng, well-known songwriter and senior record project to Yuee, to jointly complete this creative camp lyrics compilation course & work review and sharing link, with no dead corner to bring valuable experience sharing to the students. At the same time, famous songwriter and lead singer of Comus, Li Yongyi, and well-known music producer R2-Tsai Kaidong served as flight guests to bring their professional sharing to the students.

In the selection of students, this season's Star Collection creation Camp has also fully tapped the potential new stars of the new generation of musicians from different regions of the country, which is composed of 15 team members composed of high-quality players from 9 major competitions in the fifth season of the Stone Project. The students in the camp span a variety of music styles, such as pop, rock, ritual B, hip-hop, independence and so on, reflecting the diversity of original Chinese music. At the opening ceremony, the students drew the distance between each other in the form of gift exchange; at the same time, Ding Wei and Xiang Yuee, as mentors, shared for the guests and students before class.

In addition, this season's Star Collection optimizes the curriculum and work output to provide a more efficient creative environment and related support for students to produce high-quality songs. In the first three days, the students will focus on the training of high-intensity professional courses by several mentors to achieve the growth of professional knowledge and skills; in the next four days, there will be time for students' personal creation and presentation, and the mentor will also provide real-time guidance on the song demo, so that the uncut jade can be carefully carved by a mentor. In the end, the outstanding works will be polished by gold medal producers in the industry and performed by high-quality singers to get the opportunity to be customized by NetEase Yun music collection. The collection will also be provided by NetEYun Music with massive promotional resources to make quality songs heard by more people.

Prior to this, NetEase Yun Music Star Collection offline creation Camp has been held for four consecutive seasons, which is deeply recognized by the industry. As the leading original music platform in China, NetEase Yun Music continues to promote the development of Chinese original music through many measures, such as Star Chenji, Stone Project, hard ground Enclosure Night, hard ground original Music list and so on. The Star Collection offline creation Camp helps students create masterpieces and help excellent songwriters "go out of the circle" through professional lyrics, songs, courses, gold medal team production, free team creation and other forms.

It is reported that this season's Star Collection offline creation Camp is jointly sponsored by Zhejiang National Music Industry Base Xiaoshan Park-China Digital Music Base and NetEYun Music, with NetEase playing thorn Audio Education (Point Blank China) as a strategic partner. Relevant data show that the number of original musicians stationed by NetEase Yun Music has exceeded 660000; China Digital Music Base, as one of the five national music industry bases in China, is committed to providing professional and high-quality one-stop services for musicians or related industrial institutions. In the future, the two sides will work together to promote China's digital music to form a better industrial ecology through measures such as the Star Collection offline creation Camp.

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