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Chery new car iCAR 03 starts pre-sale: "square box" pure electric SUV,12.98 10,000-185800 yuan

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Thanks to netizens for the clues of the suffering march!, December 18, Chery announced this morning that its new model iCAR 03 has officially opened its pre-sale. The new car has launched two-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive models with a total of six different configurations, with an advance price of 129800-185800 yuan. The is summarized as follows:

Two-wheel drive standard version: 129800 yuan

Two-wheel drive standard advanced version: 137800 yuan

Long-lasting version of two-wheel drive: 149800 yuan

Four-wheel drive long-lasting version: 159800 yuan

Four-wheel drive continuous voyage advanced version: 175800 yuan

Wisdom driver version of four-wheel drive: 185800 yuan

At the same time, Chery officially announced that it will enjoy another 38888 yuan of rights and interests, including 19888 yuan of lifetime warranty, 7000 yuan of financial discount, 5000 yuan of replacement subsidy, 4000 yuan of original electric piles, and 3000 yuan of tide play benefits.

It is worth mentioning that the new car uses "homophonic Terrier" in the naming of different colors, and the six body colors are sure enough white, really black, a little gray, really annoying silver, I am so blue, not banana green. At the same time, the car provides "Wizard of Oz" and "Feihong treading snow" two kinds of interior color matching.

Its body size is 4405 × 1910 × 1715mm, wheelbase 2715mm, equipped with Ningde era lithium iron phosphate battery, and packaged by Qida Power, optional panoramic skylight and rear seat.

Based on the four major technology areas of Chery Group and the S5X electric platform, the car is equipped with i-MS multi-Rubik's cube new energy architecture and i-VA ecology, with intelligent real-time electric four-wheel drive, all-aluminum body structure and integrated die-casting longitudinal beam, as well as all-aluminum H-arm suspension, high bionic seats and large-size shock absorber software.

In terms of power, the maximum power of the rear-drive motor of the new car is 135kW, the maximum torque is 184 N ·m, the total power of the four-wheel drive motor is 205kW, and the maximum torque is 279 N ·m. The car is equipped with Ningde era lithium iron phosphate battery, the battery capacity is 50.65kWh, 65.7kWh, 69.77kWh three models, CLTC life has 401km, 501km, 472km three kinds.

According to the configuration information previously disclosed by the blogger Torpedo 2954 The two-wheel drive standard model has R18 aluminum alloy wheels, LED automatic headlights, electric charging port cover, extension small backpack, roof rack, electric glove box, remote control key, main driver 6-way electric seat, dual area air conditioning, rear air conditioning outlet, front airbag, tire pressure monitoring, ESP, driver seat belt reminder, 15.6inch central control screen, 6155 chip, i-VA virtual image, front voice control, 8 speakers and other configurations.

On the basis of the above, the standard advanced version adds a series of configurations and functions, such as external rearview mirror + folding, front row soundproof glass, panoramic skylight, NFC key, mobile phone wireless charging (50W), side airbag, 540 panoramic image, 220V external discharge and so on.

The four-wheel drive long-lasting version adds intelligent interactive light language, trunk electric suction door, 8155 chip, four-wheel drive voice interaction, driving recorder and other configurations.

The advanced version of long continuous voyage includes floor lighting, steering wheel heating, memory of main driving seat and exterior rearview mirror, leg support of main driving seat, heating of front seat, 4-way electric adjustment of passenger seat, side air curtain, front seat belt reminder, infinity12 speaker, out-of-car speaker and so on.

As for the top model, it includes the ventilation / massage / 4-way electric waist support of the main seat, the electric leg support of the co-driver, the front windshield of sunscreen and thermal insulation, and the DJI intelligent driving assistance system (including shifting lanes, automatic parking, mobile phone one-button remote parking, high-speed navigation, memory parking, urban memory driving, reversing and other functions). is accompanied by some previous photos of the test car:

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