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"the first phase of the 'data elements X' workshop in Hangzhou-- practical discussion on data capitalization" was held in Anheng Information.

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A few days ago, the National data Bureau proposed that it will work with relevant departments to study and implement the "data element X" action in order to play the role of data factor multiplier. In order to better respond to the national macro-deployment, under the guidance of the China Economic Reform Research Association, sponsored by the Hangzhou data Exchange, the first phase of the 'data elements X' Workshop-data capitalization practice Seminar, co-organized by Anheng Information United data elements Society and Hangzhou International Digital Trading Alliance, was held in Anheng Building on December 17. Director of Innovation and Hi-Tech Development Department of Hangzhou Development and Reform Commission, Zhang Jianguang, Party Committee member and Deputy General Manager of Hangzhou Investment Group Co., Ltd., Zhou Yu, Chairman and General Manager of Hangzhou data Exchange, Fan Yuan, Chairman of an Heng Information, Zhong Hong, Director of Digital Power Economic Research Office of technological Innovation Research Center of Tsinghua University, Xiao Yun, Vice Dean of Zhongguancun artificial Intelligence Institute, data element Society Xiong Ting. Jin Yi, partner of PricewaterhouseCoopers China Financial risk Control Services, Ma ce, co-founder of Zhejiang Kenting Law firm, and Zhan Rui, partner of PricewaterhouseCoopers China Evaluation Consulting and Model Services and data element Innovation Center, attended the event. Xiao Yun presided over the meeting.

This workshop helps participants to understand and evaluate the challenges faced in the process of "data capitalization" and the development trend in 2024 from different dimensions, such as country, industry, enterprise, and functional departments. and based on the characteristics and difficult problems of different industries and enterprises to jointly explore solutions to promote the research of industry standards and the planning of the implementation roadmap.

In his speech, Fan Yuan welcomed the leaders and experts attending the meeting. He said that as a leading province of digital reform in Zhejiang, Hangzhou has always been in the forefront in the process of promoting the release of the value of data elements and exploring the development of the digital economy with the goal of building the first city of China's data industry with high quality. In the national "20 articles of data", Zhejiang is the only pilot area for the marketization of named data elements. As an enterprise founded and grown up in Zhejiang, Anheng Information has focused on the protection and value utilization of data since its inception, and looks forward to working with partners to promote the high-quality development of the digital economy in the future.

At the meeting, Zhong Hong shared "data elements × 2024 prospects-data capitalization, capitalization, securitization", made a comprehensive interpretation of the key work of the State data Bureau, and shared his understanding of the "data element X" action.

Jin Li, who shares the theme of "data capitalization from the perspective of CFO", said that enterprises need to mine multi-layer value from data resources, assets, products and capital, and analyze the difficult problems and construction foundation of data asset management from a financial perspective.

Maze shares the topic of "data Resources in the Table: inclusion and exclusion based on Compliance maturity". He said that with the development of data elements, enterprises need to transform themselves and strengthen the relevant legal concepts.

Zhan Rui shares around "from data resources to enterprise value reshaping", introduces the case study and leading practice of data asset valuing, and suggests that the exploration of public data sharing and authorized operation valuing should be carried out cautiously.

Sun Yao shared the interpretation of the local standards in the data Asset recognition work Guide. she pointed out that the standard plays a role in supporting the innovative application of data assets and promoting the healthy development of data elements. try first-promote data asset management and activate the value of data elements.

Feng Hao shared the practical exploration of data assets in the energy field based on the wave of digitization, and introduced the needs of Electric Power big data in the areas of electricity market trading, optimization of business environment, electricity recovery, comprehensive energy services, etc.

Xiong Ting analyzed the "data elements ×" three-year action plan (2024-2026), and introduced the series of activities of "data elements × 2024 Outlook", the capitalization ecological alliance of data elements, the data element society and the achievements of previous activities.

At the meeting, Anheng Information CTO Liu Bo shared the product system of Anheng information data infrastructure, and focused on many cases such as the public data authorization operation created by Anheng Information in Futian District of Shenzhen City, the government public data authorization operation created by Cangnan County of Wenzhou City, and the first case of "data pledge" in the country.

In the discussion session, the participating experts analyzed and discussed enterprises in various industries from different angles, and expressed their own views around the practical application of data elements and future planning. Finally, Pan Kaiwei, assistant to the general manager of Hangzhou data Exchange, made a summary of this discussion.

During the event, leaders and experts at the meeting came to the Anheng Information Security Innovation experience Center to listen to the development process and comprehensive planning of Anheng Information, and intuitively feel the cutting-edge scientific and technological research and development achievements of Anheng Information in the field of digital security. and in-depth understanding of Anheng information in this year's Chengdu Universiade, Hangzhou Asian Games network security work and 15 years of zero accident brilliant achievements.

Data has become the fifth largest factor of production, and the circulation of data elements has been gradually widespread. The ensuing safety compliance issues can not be ignored. Anheng Information regards data security as one of the three major strategies for the development of the enterprise, has been deeply cultivated here for a long time, and actively responds to the national strategy to constantly improve the data security protection system and improve the ability of data security protection. In the future, Anheng Information will continue to invest in the construction of data factor market and contribute security force to the development of digital economy.

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