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Science and Technology week (December 11-17): Intel Core Ultra Mobile processor launch, bilibili released on-screen comment, Dong Yuhui was promoted to select senior partner for Orient.

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Shulou( Report--

In "Technology of the week", reviews the major events in the technology industry in the past week (December 11-17). Here's the broadcast:

1. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: appropriately raising the existing technical indicators on vehicle purchase tax reduction and reduction of new energy vehicles requires the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and other three departments to issue a "notice on adjusting the Technical requirements for New Energy vehicle products with vehicle purchase tax reduction and exemption". Among them, it is proposed that from January 1, 2024, models applying for entry into the vehicle purchase tax reduction and exemption catalogue of new energy vehicles should meet the technical requirements of new energy vehicle products. > > View details

2. Liang, who posted a rumor that "a businessman surnamed Liu was arrested for violating the law," is now in administrative detention. spokesman official Weibo said that according to the feedback of Beijing public security organs, Liang mou, who posted a rumor that "a businessman surnamed Liu was suspected of being arrested for violating the law," has been administratively detained by the public security organs in accordance with the law. Please do not believe rumors, do not spread rumors, and work together to maintain a clear network environment. > > View details

3. Third-party music playback App "lyric adaptation" is permanently removed from the shelves, third-party music playback App "lyric adaptation" has announced that it will no longer be developed, and the App page shows that "at the request of the copyright party, App has been permanently removed from the shelves and no longer provides services". > > View details

4. The Federation of passengers announced the ranking of retail sales in November: according to the latest retail sales statistics of BYD, Geely Automobile and FAW-Volkswagen, retail sales in the domestic narrow passenger car market reached 2.079 million in November, an increase of 25.9 percent over the same period last year. 2.3% month-on-month growth in total sales of 19.345 million vehicles from January to November, an increase of 5.3% over the same period last year.

Wholesale sales of TOP5 in November

BYD cars: 301378, up 31.1% from the same period last year, with a market share of 11.8%

Chery: 203349 vehicles, up 118.4% from the same period last year, with a market share of 8.0%

Geely cars: 200079, up 37.9% from the same period last year, with a market share of 7.9%

FAW-Volkswagen: 178679, an increase of 43.9% over the same period last year, with a market share of 7.0%

Changan Automobile: 137767, an increase of 16.5% over the same period last year, with a market share of 5.4% > > View details

5. Xiaomi refutes Huawei Yu Chengdong's unwarranted false remarks about the "keel hinge" technology, which is seriously inconsistent with the facts. A spokesman for Xiaomi issued an official Weibo announcement at noon on December 12, saying that Huawei Yu Chengdong's unprovoked false remarks about the company's "keel hinge" technology are seriously inconsistent with the facts. Recently, some netizens posted a video. At the 2023 Huawei Pollen Annual meeting last weekend, Yu Chengdong said, "people directly plagiarized and made it into their own name, right? you also know that ours is a double water drop hinge that directly turns into a keel." that keel doesn't exist in the world. > > View details

6. Li Jie responded to the "gap" and "dispensing" of one plus 12 mobile phones: it is not a problem of quality or design. Recently, some netizens have published that there are "gaps" and "dispensing" in one plus 12 mobile phones, which has triggered a heated discussion on the Internet. At noon on December 13, Li Jie, president of one plus China, gave an official response, saying that "it is not a quality or design problem" and promised that customer service would be asked to open a green channel and that replacements or returns would be responded as soon as possible. > > View details

7. Huawei officially launches Hongmeng Zhihang App: launch of major application markets, support for car control, car purchase and other functions Huawei officially released, Hongmeng Zhihang App is officially released, which can be downloaded from Huawei App Store, App Store and other major application markets. Application details show that Hongmeng App is the official platform of Hongmeng Zhihang, which brings together official information, car booking, intelligent car control, charging service, selected shopping and so on. According to reports, the App currently supports a series of functions such as remote control of cars (locks, windows, trunk, air conditioning, etc.), real-time viewing of vehicles, online booking for test driving, user community, charging maps, and so on. > > View details

8. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the latest list of new energy vehicles exempted from vehicle purchase tax: Xiaomi SU7 has the highest driving range 800km. On December 12, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the catalogue of new energy vehicles exempted from vehicle purchase tax (72nd batch), in which there is a millet car SU7 that everyone is concerned about.

According to the data of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, this model, announced by Beijing Automobile Group off-road vehicle Co., Ltd., is divided into two models: 101kWh battery and 73.6kWh battery, with a range of 800/750km and 668/628km respectively (the difference should be caused by the size of the wheel hub), and should be a long-lasting version and a performance version. > > View details

9. Tesla shows the second generation of Optimus humanoid robots: speed increases by 30% and body control is stronger. Tesla CEO Musk released the latest video of Optimus Gen 2, the new generation prototype of his humanoid robot Optimus, on December 13, which revealed that the second generation of Optimus robots will be released in December 2023. Compared with the previous generation, Optimus Gen 2 has been significantly improved in all aspects. > > View details

10. Recently, the results of the latest pure electric range test of mixed and extended range models have been released, and the 2023 winter test results of a number of popular new energy vehicles have aroused controversy. At 9: 00 on December 14 in Mohe, where the winter test open day was held at minus 40 degrees, the plug / extended range pure electric range was tested again and broadcast live, and some car companies, media and user representatives were invited to the scene to experience and supervise.

The test results are somewhat unexpected, Lecker 08EM-P only pure electric driving 6.5km, the boundary M7 only pure electric driving 10.6km, the test is over. It should be noted that the engine fault light was lit during the preparation of Lecker 08EM-P, and it is necessary to exit the test according to the normal testing procedure, but because it is an open day activity, it is not included in the official results, so it still follows the team test. In addition, it's not that the M7 ran out of power after only running 10.6km, but at this time the engine intervened and the battery left 33%. > > View details

11. NetEase became the fourth largest Internet company in China by market capitalization. When Hong Kong shares closed on December 13, NetEase surpassed Meituan with a market capitalization of HK $542.5 billion, becoming the fourth largest Internet company in China by market capitalization, after Tencent, pinduoduo and Alibaba. > > View details

12. A Chinese court issued the world's first 5G fee verdict. OPPO vs. Nokia recently, Chongqing No. 1 Intermediate people's Court issued a judgment of first instance in the case of OPPO v. Nokia Standard essential Patent royalty dispute [case No.: (2021) Yu 01 No. 1232 of the Republic of China], confirming Nokia 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G standard essential patent portfolio global fair, reasonable and non-discrimination (FRAND) license rates. This judgment is the first global license fee judgment for standard essential patents made by the judicial authorities of our country. > > View details

13. The official announcement of QJ M9 and Huawei Winter full scene Conference was held on December 26, while Yu Chengdong said proudly that "redefining Smart car" would be held at 14:30 on December 26. Huawei Yu Chengdong said: the M9 is the full-size flagship SUV of the technologically leading generation. We not only bring all the best Huawei smart car technology to the car, but also for the first time let the SUV achieve the same flat floor as MPV, with six equal-weight first-class experience seats, each super comfortable, spacious and really enjoyable. > > View details

14. Intel Core Ultra Mobile processor release: using Intel 4 technology, core display performance doubled in today's "make AI ubiquitous" event, Intel released the original Core Ultra mobile processor. The Core Ultra is the first processor based on the Intel 4 process and represents Intel's most significant architectural change in 40 years, officials said. The Intel Core Ultra processor uses the Neural Network processing Unit (NPU), Intel's first on-chip AI accelerator for the client, bringing energy-efficient AI acceleration to new heights, delivering 2.5 times the energy efficiency performance of the previous generation. > > View details

Starting from 15 or 2299 yuan, vivo S18 / Pro series mobile phones are officially released: the whole series of vivo S18 phones equipped with vivo self-developed AI blue heart model vivo S18 series are divided into vivo S18e, vivo S18 and vivo S18 Pro, of which S18 will be officially launched on December 22, S18 Pro and S18e will be officially launched on January 13. The summary price is as follows:

Vivo S18e (Tianji 7200)

2099 yuan for 12GB+256GB version

2299 yuan for 12GB+512GB version

Vivo S18 (Snapdragon 7 Gen 3)

2299 yuan for 8GB+256GB version

2599 yuan for 12GB+256GB version

2799 yuan for 12GB+512GB version

2999 yuan for 16GB+512GB version

Vivo S18 Pro (Tianji 9200 +)

3199 yuan for 12GB+256GB version

3499 yuan for 16GB+256GB version

16GB+512GB version 3699 CNY > > View details

Number one in the world! According to the Science and Technology Daily, the China Science and Technology Talent Development report (2022) was released in Beijing on December 15. The full-time equivalent of R & D personnel in China has increased from 3.247 million person-years in 2012 to 6.354 million person-years in 2022, ranking first in the world. > > View details

17. Bilibili announced the 2023 on-screen comment: "Ah?" Bilibili, together with the China Cultural relics Exchange Center and the Chinese character Museum, jointly announced the 2023 bullet screen on December 15: "Ah?" Bilibili's explanation goes like this: when what you see and hear refreshes your cognition, contemporary young people tend to use "ah?" To express amazement, such as seeing UP master display unique skills, discovering the contents of treasures, and witnessing major technological breakthroughs. > > View details

18. Tencent mobile game "Yuanmeng Star" launched: featuring family party attributes, supporting chaos and other modes. Tencent Timi Studio's mobile game "Yuanmeng Star" was officially launched on December 15, featuring family party attributes, providing classic mode, chaos fighting, biochemical pursuit, weapon master, speed competition and other game modes. Android and iOS are available for download. According to reports, "Yuan Dream Star" has been authorized by "Human defeat" and "Sugar Pac Man: Super knockout", providing a variety of game modes, such as classic mode, chaos, biochemical pursuit, weapon master, speed competition and so on. > > View details

19. Li Bin personally tested: the ET7 with 150kwh battery has a range of more than 1044 kilometers, and all models of the first and second generation platforms have completed the verification on the morning of December 17. On the morning of December 17, CEO and founder Li Bin drove the ET7 from Shanghai to personally test the battery life of the 150 degree battery pack, and finally officially broke through 1000km at 19:44.

After taking more than 14 hours, Li Bin announced that the final mileage of the test was 1044 km, but 3% of the remaining electricity was expected to be able to drive more than 30 km. In this test, the intelligent driving mileage shows that 957km accounts for 91.67%, and the comprehensive energy consumption of the journey is 13.2kWh / 100km (ambient temperature 12 ℃, interior temperature 19 ℃). > > View details

20. It is reported that the Nintendo Switch2 game will be more expensive, reaching $70. According to the famous Nintendo whistleblower Zippo, the price of the Switch2 game will rise from $60 to $70, which means that it will cost an extra $10 (currently about 71 yuan) to buy Nintendo first-party games such as Super Malio, Legend of Zelda and Nintendo Star Battle. > > View details

21. Byte jump clarifies the use of OpenAI services: only for experimental projects during initial exploration. Recently, foreign media reported that byte jump is using OpenAI technology to develop its own large language model, in violation of the OpenAI terms of service.

In response, the person in charge of the byte jump responded that the company stressed the need to abide by its terms of use when using OpenAI-related services. We are also contacting OpenAI to clarify any misunderstandings that may be caused by external reports. > > View details

Tang Xiaoou, founder of Shangtang Technology, died at the age of 55. Tang Xiaoou, founder of Shangtang Technology and artificial intelligence scientist, a leading figure in Chinese AI, died at 23:45 on December 15, 2023 at the age of 55. > > View details

IGN announces Game of the year: Legend of Zelda: tears of the Kingdom IGN announced this year's Game of the year on December 15, local time, and the final award went to Legend of Zelda: tears of the Kingdom. > > View details

Dong Yuhui was promoted to Oriental selection Senior partner. Yu Minhong once said that he would have a say. Oriental selection issued a live broadcast notice in the early morning of December 18, announcing that Dong Yuhui's identity would become "Oriental selection Senior partner". Prior to this, Yu Minhong said in a live broadcast that Dong Yuhui would certainly have a say in the future. > > View details

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