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The most advanced in the world! China's first self-developed ocean drilling ship named "Dream" is about to make its first trial voyage.

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Thanks to netizens for the delivery of clues about the past., December 18, according to CCTV News, China Geological Survey of the Ministry of Natural Resources: today (December 18), the world's most advanced ocean drilling ship, which is also the first ocean drilling ship independently developed by China, is officially named "Dream" and will start its first trial voyage in Nansha, Guangzhou, recently, which also marks an important step in the construction of China's deep-sea exploration capacity.

According to the report, according to the plan, the Dream will also complete the relevant preparations at the dock and set sail on December 22 to complete its first trial mission.

According to previous reports by, on December 18 last year, the ocean drilling ship, the first ultra-deep water research ship designed and built by China to drill 10,000 meters in the deep sea, connected the main hull in Nansha District of Guangzhou City.

According to reports, the ocean drilling ship belongs to the China Geological Survey of the Ministry of Natural Resources, with a designed displacement of 42000 tons, and has the ability to operate in an unlimited navigation area in the global sea area and a drilling capacity of more than 10000 meters in the sea area. It is the first ultra-deep water scientific research drilling ship in China. It is designed by China Shipping Group 708 Research Institute and built by China Shipping Huangpu Wenchong Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.

The drilling ship plans to be equipped with 10 categories of advanced shipborne equipment to form nine laboratories covering the whole field of marine research, and for the first time to build an international first-class standard paleomagnetism and super-clean laboratory, with the overall equipment and comprehensive operation capability at the international leading level.

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