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NeoBI new upgrade: look at the watch and make the watch without asking for help, business analysis is a quick step

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For enterprises, data analysis is the key to objectively understand the current business situation and promote business decision-making. However, in the process of data analysis, report making and data analysis are faced with multiple problems such as rigid delimitation of data authority scope, single icon style, tedious operation of viewing and editing report. Sales of the new version of NeoBI is refreshed and upgraded from four aspects: data collaboration, user experience, analysis capabilities and best practices. Business analysis is more efficient and intuitive, greatly improving the work efficiency of users and making business analysis a step faster.

Multi-person rapid collaboration in sharing data analysis content

Analysis of topic classification, immersive collation of data:

In previous versions, data reports, views, and data sources were tiled and displayed, making it difficult to distinguish and find. By introducing different analysis topics and classifying and managing reports, views and data sources, the new shared space enables users to view relevant content in each independent topic, which greatly improves the efficiency of classification and search.

Shared space classifies analytical topics, making reports, views, and data sources clearer

Data permissions are more flexible to meet the complex needs of more large and medium-sized enterprises:

In the new version, editing permissions are no longer limited to creators, who can flexibly add space members and set roles such as administrator, developer and tourist for them, and give them different permissions, such as visitors can only browse data. Data permissions are more flexible and convenient for teamwork.

NeoBI supports refined rights management.

Comprehensive upgrade of analytical ability to allow work efficiency to take off in place

The graphics are switched freely, and the data display is more intuitive:

In the selection and configuration of graphics, users are free to switch chart types without reconfiguring fields, and the system automatically references the last field configuration to generate new charts, which greatly improves efficiency; at the same time, users can adjust text color, shadow effect, etc., according to their personal preferences, the data display is more hierarchical, and the focus is more prominent, clearer and more intuitive.

There is no need to reconfigure the fields, and users can switch charts directly and freely.

Support metadata query and grasp the context of each data

NeoBI introduces the function of metadata query. When the statistical standard of an index changes, users can quickly find the relevant charts through metadata query, so as to synchronously adjust the charts more quickly, improve the accuracy and traceability of data management, and modify the charts more quickly and conveniently.

BI metadata query

Data filtering is finer and data processing is more convenient

NeoBI filtering supports "or" relational filtering and complex logical formulas. Users can write their own formulas to filter data according to their own needs, and data processing is more efficient and convenient.

NeoBI supports "or" relations and advanced formula field filtering

Enhanced computing power in many aspects, one-click "KO" large-scale complex data tasks:

NeoBI has upgraded the analysis capabilities such as the number of views, fields and functions, such as the number of views from 12 to 20, supporting fields from 25 to 40, the number of functions from 25 to 30, and table export up to 50,000 rows, thus providing more powerful support for users to deal with complex data analysis tasks.

Drag and drop fields directly to make editing more convenient and efficient:

The new version of NeoBI supports field drag and drop, and presets commonly used formulas and symbols in advance. Users can drag and drop sales opportunities, project budget and other fields directly into the editor, reducing the probability of formula editing errors and greatly improving user operation efficiency and experience.

Commonly used formulas and symbols are preset in advance, and fields are dragged freely

Edit and export at will, doubling the user experience

The export function is enhanced, and the data export is more convenient and diverse:

The new version of NeoBI supports the export of pictures, you can choose to export a single view or even the entire Kanban picture and text according to your needs, and you can choose different sizes and formats according to your actual needs, which improves the convenience and diversity of data export, makes it easier for users to share data analysis results with others, and enhances the ease of use of BI.

The format of exporting with data analysis results is richer.

Tables are easily sorted and locked, and information is read more efficiently:

NeoBI strengthens the function of fast operation and the expansion of simple PivotTable, adding powerful tabular editor and fast operation function, so that users can easily sort, filter and lock tables when viewing reports, improve the efficiency and convenience of data analysis, and read information more efficiently.

Users can easily sort, filter, and lock tables

The layout of the data display has been comprehensively optimized, and the user experience has taken on a new look:

The new NeoBI supports text description of global and local reports, and users can highlight or covertly process text descriptions according to their own needs to help users better understand the contents of the report. In addition, NeoBI supports stacking multiple views in an area to save panel space. For example, quarterly completion and monthly completion can be placed in one area as two pages, which can be switched through tags to facilitate data comparison and better report viewing experience.

NeoBI supports paging and stacking views, which makes the layout more powerful.

The view field is quickly configured. Please climb to another high-rise building for work efficiency:

NeoBI Kanban filter added batch configuration feature, which can complete the configuration of different fields of multiple views in a single operation. For example, users want to add time filtering to 12 views in Kanban, which can be added directly in batch without the need to configure each view or field. NeoBI simplifies the configuration process of Kanban filter fields, enables users to perform related configuration operations more quickly, and improves operation efficiency and convenience.

A large number of industry templates can be used with one click to help quickly open data analysis:

The presentation of the best practice template is more concise, and the template application is more convenient and efficient:

NeoBI bid farewell to the fixed templates displayed by default in the old version, and create a new best practice template library for users, showing the best practice templates separately, and the page is more concise and clear.

A large number of industry templates are constantly updated, with one button "copying head enterprise assignments"

Users can quickly browse the industry best practice template in the template library and select the template that suits their needs with one click, and can also edit and modify directly on the basis of the template to meet their own needs. directly "copy" the "homework" of the leading enterprises in the industry, saving a lot of time and energy, data analysis does not ask for help, quickly complete professional data analysis.

New best practice template library

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