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Glory and Porsche designers go both ways to start a new "high-end feast"

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Shulou( Report--

On December 14, Glory officially announced the establishment of a strategic partnership with Porsche Design. Glory said that when Glory Innovation Technology meets Porsche Classic Design, it will be a collision for pioneers. Looking forward to writing new legends together and creating new classics.

Not long ago, Zhao Ming, CEO of Glory Terminal Co., Ltd., posted a photo with Porsche design executives visiting the factory on Weibo, with an article "Reveal that the future can be expected!" "Alluding to the collaboration between Glory and Porsche Design. Two days later, the two sides announced cooperation, netizens also heard the news came, and expressed their expectation of glory Magic6 Porsche design version.

Recently, the manuscript of the suspected Glory Magic6 Porsche version design has also been circulated on the Internet, which has further aroused the expectations of netizens.

Of course, believes that the significance of this collaboration between Glory and Porsche design is obviously not only the glory Magic6, a highly anticipated mobile phone, but also will have a certain impact on the development of Glory brand and future product planning, and give people unlimited imagination space.

From smartphones to modes of travel, these innovations are worth looking forward to. At the same time as Glory official publicity and Porsche design cooperation, Glory Terminal Co., Ltd. CEO Zhao Ming also publicly said:

We are proud to join forces with Porsche Design, a global partner, to explore the convergence of design excellence and performance based on openness and bring pioneering work to the high-end smart terminal market. By combining the consumer-centric philosophy of Glory with the pioneering brand concept of Porsche Design, we will jointly create the next generation of high-end smartphones, opening up new possibilities for the mobile lifestyle of technology enthusiasts and Porsche enthusiasts.

Through this passage, we can get two key messages:

Glory's next generation of high-end phones will have a version built with Porsche Design;

Glory will also explore mobility lifestyle innovations with Porsche Design.

Let's start with the first message, the so-called next-generation high-end smartphone, combined with the outflow of the previous "Glory Magic6 Porsche Edition Design Manuscript Map," which should not be unexpected, referring to the highly anticipated Glory Magic6 series.

As can be seen from the exposed manuscript picture, with the aesthetic concept of Porsche design, this phone can be described as avant-garde and bold, it should be the Porsche 911 classic flying line that has been turned into a "sliding ceiling" by the rim into the transition form of the camera module on the back of the phone, and the two raised lines featured on the back of the phone are also taken from the lines on the front hood of the 911, both three-dimensional and reflecting the "muscle power" of the sports car.

Overall, Glory's Porsche design phone and Huawei's previous Porsche design have significantly different styles. For example, the camera module of this phone seems to have added the concept of "square ground circle" on the basis of the circular family design language, and the iconic "star wheel three-camera" design has also been adopted. It can be seen that while it draws on Porsche design concepts, it also retains the design style of past glory appropriately, integrating innovation with each other, thus making it more recognizable.

Not only that, but today there are digital bloggers who release explosive information, Glory Porsche design first product limited to 911 units, and the product glory internal code is "Glory 911." The number "911" has profound historical and cultural significance for Porsche. The Porsche 911 series, the most iconic of Porsche models, was designed by Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, founder of Porsche Design.

This Glory Porsche design joint mobile phone limited to 911 units, and codenamed "Glory 911," is obviously a tribute to the Porsche 911 model, but also highlights the glory of this joint product full of information.

In addition to mobile phones, is more interested in the follow-up deeper cooperation between Glory and Porsche Design, which Zhao Ming calls "innovation in mobile travel lifestyle."

Seeing this, there may be a small partner who will think for the first time: Is Glory going to build a car? believes that this possibility cannot be ruled out, but the possibility should not be large. After all, last year Glory CEO Zhao Ming also publicly denied rumors of building cars:

We haven't had this in mind for several years, but we are committed to integrating the entire solution with the car brand. Future Glory will share its APK and core capabilities with car companies. Each industry has its own threshold. For Glory, it will support each other with clear cooperation interface. The on-board solution is a special part of attention. is more willing to believe that Glory will take advantage of this cooperation with Porsche Design to promote business and cooperation in smart cockpit and intelligent driving. MagicOS full-scene intelligent operating system has been positioned in the core chain of glory full-scene strategy before, focusing on the concept of openness and sharing, breaking the boundaries of system, screen and ecology, and having excellent experience in intelligent interconnection and intelligent service.

At present, MagicOS 8.0 version is also in the process of internal testing. Xiaobian thinks that everyone can fully expect the car version of MagicOS 8.0 system, or bring a richer and more intelligent functional experience in terms of car interconnection. If MagicOS's experience in cars can be enhanced through cooperation with Porsche Design, it will obviously be a great boost to Glory's vision of an integrated experience across systems, devices and ecosystems.

In addition, the glorious Qinghai Lake battery can also become an excellent direction for them to cooperate with the automobile industry. Qinghai Lake battery is a battery based on magnesium and aluminum. Compared with traditional lead-acid battery, it has advantages such as high energy density, long life and safer, and there are innovative technologies such as carbon silicon cathode. If Glory can empower Qinghai Lake battery technology to the automobile field, I believe that the future will burst out. Very considerable market potential.

In any case, one thing is certain: Glory's cooperation with Porsche Design will not be a simple name, but a comprehensive and long-term cooperation that goes deep into the design and functional experience of the smartphone industry and is not limited to the mobile phone business.

Not long ago, market research firm Canalys announced shipments of high-end smartphones in the mainland of China in the third quarter of this year, with shipments of more than 3500 yuan up 12.3% year-on-year, while Canalys defines phones above this price as high-end smartphones, which is really no problem. At the same time, it is worth noting that the overall domestic market fell by 4.5% year-on-year in the third quarter. In other words, the high-end mobile phone market grew against the trend, and its importance is self-evident.

At the same time, high-end has always been the goal that domestic mobile phone manufacturers have consistently pursued in recent years, but what can really be achieved is very few. believes that mobile phone brands want to truly achieve high-end, in the final analysis, there are two most important points:

The first is the product experience brought about by technological innovation.

The second is the construction of brand image.

The first point is a cliché topic, but it is fundamental, and Xiaobian wants to emphasize that it must be the real product experience improvement brought about by technological innovation, rather than the pseudo-demand created by various "micro-innovations", which requires manufacturers to have deep technical research and development skills. And this happens to be the long term of glory. The glory of independence for just three years has always adhered to the R & D road based on "bottom root technology" and "engineering technology," and consolidated the competitiveness of core technologies from software, hardware and various different systems.

At present, Glory's R & D investment accounts for 10% of the company's annual revenue, and there are more than 8000 R & D personnel, accounting for more than 60% of the company's personnel, thus realizing more than 300 patent applications per month. At the same time, Glory has also established 7 R & D bases and more than 100 innovation laboratories in Beijing, Xi'an, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Shanghai, Tokyo and Paris. The R & D investment intensity ranks sixth in the list of top 500 Chinese enterprises in 2022 and ranks first among mobile phone consumer electronics companies.

Such deep R & D strength enables Glory to continuously break boundaries, continuously subvert and reconstruct inherent product R & D logic, and create innovative products that truly meet the actual needs of consumers.

For example, in the field of folding screen mobile phones, which is becoming more and more important in the high-end mobile phone market, Glory has greatly thinned and reduced the weight of mobile phones through innovation in structure, materials and technology. Self-developed Luban titanium hinge, ultra-thin wrap-around antenna design, Glory Qinghai Lake battery and Glory Cicada wing bionic cooling system and other refreshing breakthrough technologies have made mobile phones only 4.7mm when unfolded, 9.9mm when folded and weighing only 231g. Lighter and thinner than many straight phones. It can be said that this phone is the best example of Glory's strong R & D ability to enhance the product experience. According to IDC data, Glory Magic V2 also led all folding screen products in the third quarter of China with strong product strength, winning the first place in the folding screen market.

The second point is the construction of brand image.

In fact, the so-called high-end is still the high-end of "brand" in the final analysis."High-end products" is only one of the important ways to realize "high-end brand." To realize the high-end brand, the construction of brand image is often the most direct, important but also the most easily overlooked link. In fact, many manufacturers have been able to meet the requirements of "high-end" at the level of product innovation and experience, but consumers just don't recognize it, often because they neglect the establishment of high-end brand image.

To implant high-end brand image into consumers 'cognition, in addition to long-term brand building and precipitation of market reputation, there is also a fast and effective path, that is, borrowing and empowerment between brands.

For glory, they not only have deep technical research and development strength, but also have excellent user reputation accumulated from years of product and market experience. Perhaps for climbing the peak of "high-end," they are short of the last step of "brand leverage and empowerment." Porsche Design is undoubtedly the best partner.

Porsche Design, a wholly owned subsidiary of Porsche founded in 1972 by the designer of the classic Porsche 911 sports car, Dinand Alexander Porsche, has always been known as the "pinnacle of high-end industrial design" with sophisticated pioneering design concepts and exquisite design levels. The strong combination of Glory and Porsche design means that consumers can be provided with high-end luxury experience in the field of consumer electronics through innovative and pioneering high-end products jointly created by both parties, so as to establish the image and value cognition of Glory brand "globalization" and "high-end" in consumers 'minds, bringing significant value-added effect to the brand.

Secondly, Porsche Design also has successful experience in cooperation with domestic mobile phone manufacturers before. They better understand the product characteristics and market characteristics of smart phones, or the combination of glory and Porsche design, and it is easier to combine excellent functionality and cutting-edge technology perfectly, so as to create products with truly high-end luxury experience. Such "pioneering work" is believed to bring us greater surprise and shock.

Conclusion Not long ago, IDC, a data research organization, gave China's smartphone shipments ranking in the third quarter. Glory ranked first in China's mobile phone market with a market share of 19.3%, while in the second quarter of 2022, Glory also won the title with a market share of 19%. The glory of just three years after independence is erupting with amazing energy, leading China's smartphone market to the high end.

This cooperation with Porsche Design is believed to be the most eye-catching footnote on the high-end journey of Glory Brand. It marks the glory that has been prepared in technology, products and market, and will truly move from "China Glory" to "World Glory." This is not only a two-way rush between innovative technology and cutting-edge design, but also a two-way rush between pioneer and classic. It is a two-way rush between Chinese brand and world brand.

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