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IQOO cooling backpack 2 will be released on December 27: black and yellow color matching, now open an appointment

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Shulou( Report-- reported on December 18 that the launch of the new iQOO Neo9 series will be held at 19:00 on December 27, and iQOO cooling backpack 2 will also be unveiled at this event. An appointment has been opened on platform.

From the point of view of the appearance, the new heat dissipation back clip is similar to the iQOO heat dissipation back clip 2 Pro star wild ash, which was released in April this year with an initial price of 229 yuan.

As a reference, the iQOO cooling back clip 2 Pro has 3-speed manual transmission, strong cooling mode, performance mode and balance mode to meet the needs of different scenarios.

▲ iQOO cooling back clip 2 Pro according to, iQOO heat dissipation back clip 2 Pro is equipped with 2000mm2 cooling chip, 3320mm2 cooling copper plate, 29150mm2 heat conduction plate and 7-blade fan with 5200rpm speed and air volume 1 minute 2.4FCM, the maximum cooling power is 27W and the maximum cooling of the single unit is 35 ℃.

In addition, the back clip also supports charging while dissipating heat, with double Type-C interface, charging the mobile phone through L-type short charging wire; high temperature protection, automatic power off when the temperature is too high, and automatic recovery of cooling after cooling; using trapezoidal fixed buckle to avoid phone keys, without affecting normal operation; X-shaped streamline fuselage, with 1680 million color Halo extreme wind RGB lamp efficiency. iQOO cooling back clip 2 opens the reservation direct link

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