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New release of NeoUI: a small step to improve experience and a big step forward in efficiency

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Shulou( Report--

Whether the system is "easy to use" is the key to whether ToB management software can be used for a long time. ToB management software has always paid more attention to the business and process itself, ignoring the improvement of user experience. However, as system users, such as sales personnel, need to use CRM system for a long time every day, and the system operation is cumbersome, the key information is not prominent, the navigation arrangement is not friendly, and the data cannot be modified in batches, which will increase the system use cost of users, reduce the willingness to use, and then affect the operation and management efficiency of enterprises.

NeoUI, a new generation UI framework that is easy to sell and publish, solves the above experience problems, enabling users to get a good user experience on Web, mobile, Mini programs or H5. The upgrade of experience promotes the improvement of efficiency, thus realizing three major values for sales CRM users: more convenient daily office, more efficient information browsing, and faster business promotion.

Value 1: Daily office is more convenient

Seamless integration with three collaborative office software to improve office efficiency: On the basis of getting through enterprise micro and nail, NeoUI further realizes seamless integration with Feishu, business users do not need to open sales APP, business notifications, pending tasks, schedules, etc. will be automatically synchronized to enterprise micro and other office software, and business personnel can process with one click to improve office efficiency.

Timeline display is clearer, one-click access to online meeting improves communication effect: NeoUI displays schedule through Timeline, date, time and specific items at a glance, and can also directly join Tencent Meeting (Meeting), view meeting place, initiate discussion, etc. through schedule, so as to avoid point-to-point communication and improve team communication efficiency.

Unified message and to-do entry, important information is not missed: NeoUI unifies message and to-do entry, open message tab to view current agent, notification,@ my, announcement message, etc. in one screen, key information items can be mastered at the first time. Business personnel can view unprocessed approvals, schedule invitations, tasks and work reports through the backlog center, reduce operation steps and improve work efficiency.

The new work report introduces data kanban to make the reporting idea clearer: The new work report introduces data kanban function, which can visually display the data situation of sales personnel from leads to transactions, and compare the data changes from last week. Sales leaders can quickly gain insight into changes in key indicators through data kanban and accurately empower sales.

Value 2: More efficient viewing of information

Top navigation mode to accommodate more business information: NeoUI top navigation mode, horizontal top business menu bar allows users to open business portal anytime, anywhere, wide data area allows detailed information to be displayed on one screen, browsing data more comfortable.

Switch between full-screen and split-screen at will to improve user concentration: NeoUI makes browsing experience more friendly through full-screen and split-screen design: in viewing data reports, customer details and other scenarios, users can maximize the display of more content through full-screen mode and focus on browsing and processing business data. When users view customer information and read work reports, they can click on the list on the left and view or edit customer information directly on the right, reducing page operation costs and improving user concentration and work efficiency.

NeoUI "highlights" important data, making page browsing more comfortable: NeoBI highlights important data and information in data reports, data details and customer details, enriching visual layers, helping business personnel focus on important data and reducing the difficulty of reading and understanding business reports.

Value 3: Faster business progression

Data can be edited and modified in batches, greatly improving business processing efficiency: NeoUI upgrades the editing experience of forms and data reports, enabling users to modify data in batches, thus greatly improving business processing efficiency. Whether in the data list or the data details page, users can easily perform batch modification operations. In addition, for forms containing multiple important information, such as customer profile pages, double-click on an important item of information to achieve rapid editing and modification, making the operation more labor-saving.|

From customer management to transaction collection, experience improvement accelerates business process: NeoUI optimizes and upgrades the operation experience and visual experience of various important business scenarios in the whole sales process (including customer management, business opportunity management, quotation management and transaction management):

In the scenario of product discount modification, product discount can be quickly adjusted through batch import, which is greatly improved compared with manual modification. In the collection scenario, NeoUI can automatically fill in the order data associated with A/R into the form to further accelerate the collection process.

In addition to improving user experience and improving system user work efficiency, NeoUI relies on powerful customization ability and rich composition library to customize industry-specific application scenarios for enterprises through low-code development. Enterprises can design applications suitable for themselves according to actual business needs. In addition, enterprises can create customer digital spaces for customers, so that customers and business people are more closely connected and more efficient.

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