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1ax 1.3 inch sensor flagship image quality: DJI Osmo Action 4 motion camera has a new low of 2163 yuan

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DJI DJI Osmo Action 4 flagship sports camera went on sale in August this year. The standard version is officially priced at 2598 yuan and the all-around version is priced at 3298 yuan.

Today, has dropped to 2198 yuan / 2898 yuan to explore the bottom price. Commenting on printing pictures can win another 3500 Jingdou (worth 35 yuan), equivalent to a new low of 2163 yuan: DJI Osmo Action 4 sports camera standard set 2198 yuan direct link DJI Osmo Action 4 sports camera universal set 2898 yuan direct link finishing Osmo Action 4 official introduction is as follows:

The Osmo Action 4 features the flagship image quality, equipped with a powerful 1.3in image sensor with an equivalent pixel size of 2.4 μ m, and with an f / 2.8aperture, users can shoot 4K / 120fps, 155° video with a large viewing angle.

10-bit & D-Log M professional color mode can record more than 1 billion colors and a wider dynamic range. In high dynamic recording or multi-color scenes, the color transition is still smooth and natural, while retaining more light and dark details, opening up more possibilities for post-production.

The Osmo Action 4 has a multimode stabilization function, in which the HorizonSteady function not only counteracts the camera jitter in all directions, but also corrects the tilt angle horizontally at the same time, keeping the picture locked horizontally even in a shooting scene that is extremely bumpy or may produce a 360 °rotation. Super Stability 3.0 (RockSteady) intelligent anti-shake algorithm, which can not only maintain the stability of the camera, but also have the sense of motion impact in the first-person perspective.

DJI said that the Osmo Action 4 has a strong body, and in order to better adapt to underwater shooting, the bare metal waterproof has been further enhanced to 18 meters underwater, and waterproof protection up to 60 meters can be achieved with a waterproof shell. Osmo Action 4 uses high-strength glass with hydrophobic lens to ensure that the underwater picture is still visible. In addition, Osmo Action 4 is equipped with a color temperature sensor, which can show real and natural colors in the water, which can be shared straight out, eliminating the complicated late color blending operation. With the underwater color restoration function of DJI Mimo App, Osmo Action 4 can present more details and more transparent colors, no matter in the complex indoor environment of light source or in diving scenes of different depths.

In terms of battery life, Osmo Action 4 has the battery capacity of 1770mAh, recording 1080p / 24fps video for 160 minutes at room temperature and 150 minutes even at-20 ℃, thus satisfying the user's shooting experience in most sports scenes. In addition, the Osmo Action 4 has fast charging technology and can reach 80% power in 18 minutes with a DJI 30W charger.

Osmo Action 4 still adopts magnetic quick disassembly design, which has strong impact resistance and strong connection, which can realize the flexible conversion of multi-position and multi-accessories, and quickly switch different viewing angles. Combined with the horizontal and vertical shot protection frame, the user can easily switch the vertical beat form and shoot the vertical version of the lossless video in a second. At the same time, the front and back screens of the camera support touch operation, parameter adjustment, mode switching, picture playback do not need to flip the camera, the front and rear screen interface will also follow the camera horizontal and vertical mode to switch. In addition, the front and back screen and the glass lens protection cover can resist water stain interference, anti-fouling and anti-scraping, which can effectively protect the lens.

On the radio side, officials say Osmo Action 4 creates high-quality radio for users, and the array microphone can achieve excellent pick-up effect during shooting. A hidden microphone is built into the bottom of the camera, which is combined with the intelligent wind noise reduction of AI in the camera. Even when shooting in a windy environment, the sound effect is still clear. In addition, it supports external DJI microphone DJI Mic with dual-channel wireless radio system, which can achieve 250m transmission distance.

In terms of accessories, Osmo Action 4 fully upgrades the lineup of accessories. In the riding scene, users can comfortably wear the riding bra to create a more immersive first view; in the ski scene, the Osmo Action 1.5m extension rod kit is compact and easy to hold, and can stretch freely from 0.3m to 1.5m for selfie or multi-angle follow. In addition, there are GPS Bluetooth remote control, 360 °wristband, floating handle, seat bracket, mini extension lever, mini handlebar and so on.

Osmo Action 4 is available in both standard and versatile sets. Except for sports cameras, all of them are equipped with plenty of accessories, such as horizontal and vertical protection frame, locking screw, quick disassembly adapter, quick wire filling and so on. In addition, the versatile version is equipped with a multi-function battery storage box, a number of cold-resistant long-life batteries and a 1.5-meter extension rod, which users can choose according to their own needs. DJI Osmo Action 4 sports camera standard set 2198 yuan direct link DJI Osmo Action 4 sports camera all-around set 2898 yuan direct link

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