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The pirate ship launches 2023 CX power series: 80 PLUS efficiency, about $80 for the 750W model

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Shulou( Report--

Thanks to netizen OC_Formula for the clue delivery!, December 18, the pirate ship launched a new series of CX power products, which are divided into three models: CX550, CX650 and CX750, which are $59.99,69.99,79.99 respectively.

This series of power supplies is ATX12V Ver2.4 / EPS 2.92 standard, is an entry-level model, built-in 120mm mute fan, the length is shortened to 125mm ( Note: standard ATX power supply only limits the length of two sides to 150mm × 86mm, the other side length is not limited, but most similar products are 140mm), it is more suitable for chassis with less space.

The pirate ship CX power series has 80 PLUS Bronze certification, 88% efficiency, single output of + 12V, 550W for 44A, 650W for 52A, 750W for 62A, and provides 24pin ATX connector, 4+4pin EPS / ATX12V connector, 6+2pin PCIe connector x2 (750W x3), 15pin SATAx3, 4pin peripheral x2.

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