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QQ M9 will be equipped with Huawei Turing Smart chassis: support for road preview, released on December 26

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Shulou( Report--, December 18, AITO announced that the M9 will be equipped with Huawei Turing smart chassis, an all-aluminum front double fork arm + rear multi-link suspension system, and a standard intelligent closed air spring and CDC variable damping shock absorber. learned from the official that Huawei Turing smart chassis supports road preview system, combined with adaptive active suspension, high-frequency and small damping strategy softens the chassis and reduces seat vertical bumps; when fast cornering, acceleration and braking, the suspension controller predicts the driver's intention, increases damping to harden the chassis, suppresses car body roll and pitch, and maintains control stability.

It is understood that the M9 and Huawei winter full scene press conference is scheduled for 14:30 on December 26, and the new car is known to have pure black, dark blue + silver, pure white, black and white, Danxia orange and other colors. Among them, Danxia Orange adopts the double color design of orange body and black roof, and the windows are decorated with chrome strips.

Selis sources have previously confirmed that nearly 40,000 new M9 cars have been ordered, and Selis's factory in Chongqing is racing to increase production, starting a daily "two-shift" production mode.

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