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There is nothing to chew two tablets: Jindi 68% black skillful flake 0.5 yuan / piece for a long time illegal departure ( 1 yuan)

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Shulou( Report--

Tmall [Jindi flagship store]

Jindi pure dark chocolate slice 100g (20 pieces) sells for 29.9 yuan. Today, an order is issued for buy one get one free, superimposed with 10 yuan coupons. Two boxes of 200g actually pay 19.9 yuan for free delivery:

Tmall Jindi pure dark chocolates a total of 40 pieces of 68% cocoa buy one get one free coupons 19.9 yuan 10 yuan coupons can be seen when the settlement, there is no free gift.

A total of 200g (40 tablets), 68% cocoa chocolate, 0.5 yuan per piece is very cost-effective. flagship store price of 19.9 yuan 20 pieces, equivalent to about 1 yuan per piece: click here to see.

68% of the cocoa will be a little bitter, but most friends should be able to accept it, and the taste is more mellow, so they can't stop eating.

Tmall Jin Di pure dark chocolate 40 slices 68% cocoa buy one get one free coupon 19.9 yuan 10 yuan coupon

Tmall no threshold red packet up to 8888 yuan, smoke once a day: click here to draw red packet.

Welcome to download the best way to buy App-good goods, good price, high rebate, 10 cents can also withdraw cash!

Scan the QR code or click here to download the latest version (automatic recognition platform).

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