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NetCVM password security visual supervision system has many optimizations, which take you to unlock more efficient possibilities

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NetCVM password Security Visualization Supervision system (NetCVM) is an integrated comprehensive security management system launched by Beijing Xinan Century Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Xinan Century", stock code: 688201) to solve the problems such as high threshold for password equipment management, invisible password service status, difficult password compliance supervision and so on. The system supports visual monitoring, service detection, event alarm, statistical analysis, log collection, security monitoring, data reporting, unified configuration and other functions of password equipment and services, and provides unified visual management services for password application security managers to help them grasp the password application situation in the organization in real time, so as to ensure the compliance and robustness of password applications.

With the development of business and the continuous change of user requirements, the function of NetCVM password security visualization supervision system has been optimized recently. The purpose of this optimization is to improve the efficiency and user experience of the system, and provide users with more convenient and efficient password security management tools.

Function Optimization 1

It is more efficient to enter new equipment with one click on equipment assets.

There are usually a large number of password devices at the customer site, which need to be uniformly docked to the regulatory platform, and the traditional manual entry is time-consuming and laborious. In order to solve this problem, Principal Century NetCVM team integrates with each product line and adapts to the mainstream mainline version. When adding a password device, the user only needs to select the device type and enter the IP address of the device, and the system will automatically obtain and display the corresponding version, authorization, key configuration and other information.

Function Optimization 2

The intelligent association configuration process of monitoring indicators is more simplified.

In the past, after adding equipment information, it was necessary to correlate the monitoring indicators one by one, and the process was complicated and mismatched errors were reported frequently because of the jumbled information. The automatic configuration function is newly introduced into the NetCVM system, which includes a variety of monitoring indicators of multiple password products and preset a variety of equipment and service index templates. After adding the equipment, the system intelligently correlates the built-in equipment and service monitoring indicators according to the automatically obtained device version information, which greatly simplifies the original tedious setting process. At the same time, the system also supports users to customize the monitoring index template according to the on-site environment, which provides users with a more intelligent experience.

Function Optimization 3

Centralized log collection shows that log audit is more intuitive.

Custom log parsing is added in the new version to automatically realize the extraction and analysis of key logs. This means that we can collect logs from various manufacturers and various types of password devices, analyze them centrally, extract valuable information, display and analyze it with charts, and then notify and alarm the abnormal information in the logs.

In addition, for large business scenarios and log collection of a large number of types of devices, the system supports multi-node deployment of log collection and analysis services. Through decentralized processing of logs, complete data classification processing and unified summary and display of alarm statistics on the centralized platform, to provide users with comprehensive and intuitive cryptographic equipment, business operation situation display.

Function Optimization 4

The ability of centralized management and control under configuration and distribution is stronger.

The new version comprehensively optimizes the equipment configuration management, expands the range of management and control products and increases the scope of management and control of already controlled products, and enhances the depth of business configuration. Take Principal Century products as an example:

Added monitoring and management of AG equipment. By monitoring AG throughput and L3 tunnel status and other information to fully understand the health of AG devices. At the same time, by collecting and displaying user logs, we can better understand the usage and needs of users. In addition, unified configuration management and unified backup of AG devices can be realized on NetCVM, which further improves the efficiency and reliability of equipment management.

A new "function orchestration" function has been added for controlled NSAE gateway devices, with built-in command set templates to provide command set configuration templates for different commonly used scenarios, and visual command set configuration settings, which can easily complete complex configurations even for users who are not familiar with command line operations. In addition, the system also supports custom configuration command set format and adding instructions, users define and import their own configuration template according to their own actual situation, and according to the template, they only need to change the device IP to quickly configure multiple devices, which simplifies the configuration process of users in a specific scene.

A new unified configuration service has been added for controlled NetSign signature devices to meet the signature needs of different business scenarios, strengthen key management and control capabilities, distribute keys in a unified configuration, and add key backup and recovery features to ensure that keys can be quickly recovered in unexpected circumstances to ensure uninterrupted business operation.

Function Optimization 5

Mobile monitoring function is online and situational awareness is more flexible.

In order to improve the effectiveness of emergency response, NetCVM password security visualization supervision system launched the mobile H5 interface. Even if users are not in front of the monitoring screen, they can browse the running situation of the device and view the key indicators in real time. When an emergency occurs during the operation of the password equipment, the user can quickly check the status of the monitoring equipment and make a timely response. The new features not only provide users with a more flexible and convenient monitoring experience, but also enhance users' real-time perception of the running situation of the device.

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