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Kuaishou "Village BA" Guangdong Station officially kicked off on December 19: come to Guangdong to "vote" together.

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The cold wave has arrived, but the blood is hard to cool. As time comes to the last month of this year, Guangdong Station, the year-end station of BA in Kuaishou Village, will start in 2023. This time, the Guangdong station of Kuaishou Village BA will take "Guangdong to Guangdong to invest" as the theme, integrate the exclusive characteristics of the Dawan area, and use advanced science and technology to bless the competition to create a Cantonese characteristic village BA.

It is reported that the BA Guangdong Station in Kuaishou Village is hosted by Kuaishou, jointly sponsored by the propaganda Department of the Dongguan Municipal CPC Committee, Dongguan Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism and Sports Bureau, Dalang Town people's Government of Dongguan City, Dongguan Basketball Association, and Dongguan Rural Revitalization Promotion Association. At the same time, join hands to play games to bring you wonderful events. At that time, six teams from various counties and districts in Guangdong will gather at the Dalang Shixia Basketball Court in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province to attend this grand event about basketball and love.

As the province with the best basketball atmosphere in the country and the shrine of Chinese basketball dynasty, basketball is not only the label of Guangdong, but also the label of Dongguan. "trend basketball" Dongguan is better than "basket" because of "basket". In fact, the history of village basketball games in Dongguan can be traced back to the 1940s. In 1984, Dongguan Changping won the first National Farmers' Basketball Competition title of "Harvest Cup" on behalf of Guangdong, so the upsurge of "village BA" spread everywhere in Dongguan, rural sports events flourished, and villages began to hold village-level leagues. Dongguan has more than a thousand city, town and village level 3 basketball matches every year, and the 21 consecutive city leagues have been known as grassroots CBA, which has become a milestone in the professional development of Dongguan's "village BA". As the previous national village BA runner-up city, this tournament's "main battlefield" Dalang town basketball atmosphere is more profound.

In terms of the specific schedule, the Guangdong station of Kuaishou Village BA will hold 6 to 4 group stages from December 19 to 21, and the "top four tournament" and "championship battle" will be held on December 23 and 24. On the field, each team will show their strengths and go all out for their dreams. Outside the field, BA in Kuaishou Village has also continued the consistent style of basketball events + regional culture, taking sports events as the cut, integrating local folk customs and music with each other.

For example, in the interactive segment of the event node, the only trampoline dunk performance that entered the NBA performance, the robotic arm lion dance performance that combines the characteristics of urban science and technology with non-heritage characteristics, the doll pattern basketball performance, the Dongguan theme song performance, the sweater catwalk and other programs will be staged in turn, showing Guangdong cultural characteristics in multiple dimensions, igniting the hot atmosphere of the scene.

At the same time, as a competition for people to "vote" in Guangdong, there is no lack of professional commentary and the effective application of high technology. It is understood that during the event, Kuaishou Village BA Guangdong Station invited professional event commentators to act as online commentators, bringing wonderful commentators to the audience. In terms of technology, bullet time will also be a blessing for the game, amplifying the skills of players in all directions, arranging multiple seats, showing the passion of the game from multiple angles, ensuring the recording of multiple voices at the scene, restoring the scene for the audience, and upgrading AR technology for the first time to show each player's highlight moment with science and technology, making the game more energetic.

During the event, Kuaishou will also create a "Ball Village New year goods Live Room" that is delicious, fun and easy to buy in Guangdong. Kuaishou Guangdong anchors will be invited to help open up the live broadcast of the event and the anchor's live broadcast room with goods, and buy goods while watching the game. With the concept of "playing ball is playing price", using the score on the court to "beat" the price, so that each game is related to the welfare of the live broadcast room with goods, which can not only make the high-quality products with Guangdong characteristics go further, let more old people enjoy a higher performance-to-price ratio, but also further enhance the "vitality" of the competition, and use innovative interactive games to let more people feel the charm of sports.

It is worth looking forward to, this Kuaishou will also be based on the Great Bay area, innovate and upgrade the players, invite the special representatives of players from Hong Kong and Macao to join the 3V3 link, and the competition will also specially invite the factory BA team from Dongguan to participate as the competition team; through the enthusiastic competition atmosphere of "working without forgetting the ball", it will further help the mass sports to release energy. Stars such as Fan Shaohuang, a kung fu star who can sing and play, will also be surprised to participate in the semi-finals, so that all the old friends online and offline will have fun and have fun.

In fact, with the continuous enrichment and diversity of BA content in Kuaishou Village, the unique charm of Kuaishou mass sports is becoming more and more obvious, especially with basketball as the medium and events as the link, Kuaishou BA is driving more and more users to participate in mass sports and cultural life. Looking back on the past trip to Kuaishou village BA, in June this year, the village BA Anshun Xiaozhai village station in Guizhou once again brushed the screen, with a total of more than 300 million live viewers, 450 million videos of related topics and more than 161hot searches on the whole net. in September this year, the total number of live views of the village BA Ningxia station reached more than 320 million, and the number of related topics video played reached 470 million. The continuous out-of-circle of BA in Kuaishou Village not only injects new vitality into mass sports, but also helps mass sports to release new energy, so as to build a bigger and better mass sports stage.

It is worth mentioning that BA in Kuaishou Village will also open the open competition mode in 2024, inviting capable and characteristic partners from all over the country to build together through flow resources + media publicity resources + competition funds, to create a village BA series of events with larger scale, higher frequency and richer content and scenes, and is expected to open 30 races throughout the year, covering more than 500 games.

The group stage of BA Guangdong Station in Kuaishou Village is about to begin. Dongguan, a city that is "crazy" because of basketball, will also ignite a basketball war again. From December 19, go to Kuaishou, search "Village BA", watch the flaming basketball match together, and "vote" from Guangdong!

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