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NetEase "against the current and cold" end-to-end tour jointly organized the "Little Cold country style Festival": a free concert to display Huawei Mate 60 mobile phones.

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Shulou( Report-- December 18 news, Netease "Reverse water cold" End hand game this year's results are really bright, According to the three-party data platform estimate,"Reverse water cold" Hand game in a quarter nearly ten billion, Said to "Earn far more than expected money," So the official announced will hold "Small cold country wind festival," Can watch concerts for free.

It is reported that the first "Xiaohan National Wind Festival" will be held on January 6 in Hangzhou, China.

Anti-water cold officials will invite "national team" singers Tan Jing, Sa Dingding, Huang Xiaoyun, Huang Shifu, Kunqu non-genetic inheritor Liu Yu, famous dance artist Yang Liping dance troupe dancer white rabbit and other powerful artists, singers, dancers to participate in the performance.

In addition to the song and dance party, there will be a garden national style exhibition in the outfield, which will not only display the exhibits of the masters of national style, such as Li Tinghuai's Ru Kiln Tianqing Glazed Sunflower Petal, Huang Shanshan's intangible cultural heritage skills to create anti-water cold true fragrance, Qiu Qingnian's ancient method grinding inheritance of intangible cultural heritage and other traditional cultural works of art, but also a number of big brands of Chinese goods collectively exhibited, including Huawei Mate 60 series, which is "far ahead".

"Reverse water cold" official said, The activity not only does not need tickets, Players arrive on the "Back paste" Thousand yuan surrounding gift package, At the same time encourage players cos admission, Not limited to reverse water cold characters, And promise to wear Han clothes or COS clothing admission can get extra peripheral gifts.

As an online and offline synchronized welfare festival, even if players don't go to the event site, they can still receive benefits through watching live broadcasts and participate in 100% winning lottery activities. The game also has the exclusive mysterious title of National Wind Festival, as well as benefits such as appearance with special effects and binding jade patterns.

In addition, it is reported that Hangzhou Asian Games "DOTA2" project champion,"reverse water cold" genre balance office deputy director Maybe will also attend this event as a player representative.

Registration for the free offline event is still continuing and will close on December 20. Interested partners can go to register.

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