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Practice the way of charity if the feather minister takes an active part in the social public welfare

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Shulou( Report--

As a head brand management company for global high-quality consumer brands, Ruoyuchen has made outstanding achievements in the business field. However, if Yu Chen was not satisfied with this, he turned his attention to social welfare undertakings. Through years of efforts, Ruoyuchen has formed a set of perfect public welfare system, committed to rural revitalization, helping poor groups and other public welfare undertakings.

In Ruoyu's view, the success of enterprises lies not only in the pursuit of commercial interests, but also in the commitment and contribution to social responsibility.

In the aspect of rural revitalization, if Yu Chen actively participates in various activities to provide local employment opportunities and raise the income level of farmers. In addition, Ruoyuchen also contributed enterprise strength to rural revitalization by setting up a "supporting Rural Revitalization Group", forming a pair with Pingshi Town in Guangdong Province, and carrying out live activities to help farmers. These measures not only promote the development of the local economy, but also help poor areas achieve sustainable development.

In helping the needy groups, Ruo Yu Chen has made great efforts. The company has set up a "caring public welfare" team to participate in various public welfare activities, such as sympathy for the elderly, support for anti-epidemic volunteers and so on. In addition, Ruoyuchen has also carried out a series of relief and support activities for children in social difficulties. Through public welfare activities such as the "Seedling Care Program" and "caring for Children" and other public welfare activities, we have provided necessary life and learning assistance to more than 100 children in need. These actions not only convey warmth and concern, but also show Ruoyu minister's responsibility and concern for society.

Ruoyu's public welfare actions have been widely recognized and praised by all sectors of the community. Over the years, Ruoyuchen has won many honors, such as Best Marketing Service provider, Annual member Operation growth Award, High-tech Enterprise and so on. These honors are not only the affirmation of Ruoyu's past efforts, but also the recognition of his social responsibility.

Recently, the party branch of Ruoyuchen walked into the Dasha Street Occupational Therapy Station in Huangpu District, painted and interacted with the occupational therapy students, and sent condolence materials to the special occupational therapy personnel and their families. This action reflects Ruoyu's concern and concern for special groups. After learning that Dasha Street Occupational Therapy Station in Huangpu District is a comprehensive community service organization for the disabled, Ruo Yuchen feels a great responsibility. In order to make these special groups feel the warmth and love of the society, if Yu Chen started from his interest, he sent them living materials and condolence money and other care.

Over the years, Ruoyuchen has been committed to the development of social welfare undertakings. In addition to revitalizing the countryside and helping the needy groups, Ruoyuchen is also actively involved in other public welfare activities. For example, the company regularly sends care and condolences to the elderly living alone and people in need. Through these actions, if Yu Chen allows every employee to participate in public welfare undertakings, and organically combines enterprise development with social progress.

Actively assume responsibility and constantly create value is the cornerstone of Ruoyu's healthy development and rapid growth for more than a decade. In the future, under the guidance of Ruoyuchen's core values, the company will continue to shoulder the mission of social responsibility and play an important role in the practice and dissemination of the concept of sustainable development and healthy living, through continuous innovation and improvement of the public welfare system, actively participate in social welfare undertakings and contribute to the realization of common prosperity.

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